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Mercedes lets first pictures of facelifted CL slip out

This is reported to be the new Mercedes S-class coupe, which is being launched at next month's Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Pictures of the car - which is a renamed, facelifted version of the Mercedes CL - were posted briefly on Mercedes' Dutch website before being taken down.

The car pictured features a new front bumper, revised headlights, LED fog lights, and a sportier grille.

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Juzoik 17 June 2010

Re: Mercedes S-class coupe 'pictured'

If it was left to me no diesel engine would come anywhere near the CL,SL or SLK. but hey who cares what i think. i just have an inbuilt hatred for oil burners. don't ask me why.
sco1 17 June 2010

Re: Mercedes S-class coupe 'pictured'

Juzoik wrote:
did the CL ever come with a V6? i thought they only in the CL500 (V8), CL600 (V12) and CL63 and CL65 (V8 and V12) guises?
You are correct. CL (and all previous (modern) generations of S-Class coupe's) were V8 or V12. IF a V6 is introduced, it will be the first time. The introduction of a V6 engine (as well as the change of name from CL to S coupe) is widely speculated and inferred from the various press release, but not officially confirmed. The same applies (but without any official inferences) to the V6 diesel. Mercedes claims an S350 with the new V6 will emit just 177g of CO2. If this is correct, and at the same time produces over 300 hp (as they are claiming), it makes a compelling case for a V6 CL350 (apart from local CO2 taxes, Mercedes is currently paying CO2 penalties so it needs to lower its average).

rosstopher 17 June 2010

Re: Mercedes S-class coupe 'pictured'

They've never done a V6 in the UK, not sure about the rest of europe though.

I love the CL, I even like this new version, it's one of my lottery win dream cars, CL65 black with black. Fantastic straight line performance useable every day (as long as you can afford the fuel) and much more subtle than a Bentley/Aston etc.