Currently reading: Mercedes-Benz GLA scores top marks in Euro NCAP safety tests
New Mercedes crossover gets five-star safety rating; new Renault Twingo, Toyota Aygo and Citroën Berlingo also tested

The Mercedes-Benz GLA has scored top marks in the latest round of Euro NCAP testing.

The GLA scored five stars, the highest mark available, with testers noting decent scores for side impact protection and for front passengers. Overall, the GLA achieved a 96 per cent safety rating for adult occupants, and 88 per cent for children.

Also up for testing this month was the new Renault Twingo, which scored four stars. Testers noted that the Twingo's passenger compartment remained stable during a frontal impact, with the car receiving a 78 per cent safety rating for adult passengers.

Mercedes-Benz GLA crossover is put through its paces on our test track

Meanwhile the new Toyota Aygo also received four stars - with an adult passenger safety rating of 80 per cent. Because the Aygo is mechanically identical to the Peugeot 108 and Citroën C1, those cars also receive a four-star rating.

The Citroën Berlingo was also tested this month, scoring three stars on Euro NCAP's tests.

Euro NCAP says these results show that "not all vehicles are meeting with tougher safety requirements".

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ben1grogan 4 September 2014

Not comparable

Just had a look on Euro Ncap website, there have been 12 cars that have been tested under the new 2014 rules. So far, 6 of them have got only 3 stars. Last year however only 1 car got a 3 star rating in the entire year (out of 30). This means that a car tested under last years rules could look a lot safer compared to a car tested this year when in reality its not,
artill 4 September 2014

too much of the result now

too much of the result now comes from fitment of optional electronic aids, and even pedestrian safety. Not that these things are bad, but it does mean 2 cars with identical occupant safety could have very different star ratings
Mini2 3 September 2014

Interesting range to test

In all fairness, the Berlingo is a few years old now... but that's no excuse for this relatively poor rating. I guess 3 stars now is better than 3 stars would've been prior to Euro NCAP's changes, but it's odd seeing so many new cars miss out on the top rating; safety should really be paramount. Disappointing to see the Twingo score 4, given all that supposed protection under the bonnet, especially considering the Up siblings are 5-starrers.
superstevie 3 September 2014

Mini2 wrote: Disappointing to

Mini2 wrote:

Disappointing to see the Twingo score 4, given all that supposed protection under the bonnet, especially considering the Up siblings are 5-starrers.

Not really a fair comparison, seeing as the up! was on the previous test scores, and the twingo is on the new one. One of the problems with these test is that when they change, the previous cars ratings don't

EndlessWaves 3 September 2014

The Up! would score 3 stars under the current star calculation

I should stress that is using the old test results so that number isn't comparable to the Twingo's either, it's just an illustration that the criteria for the star rating has changed sufficiently that we can't say whether the Twingo is better or worse than the Up without testing then under the same standard.