Currently reading: Mercedes-AMG GT revealed in new images and video
New GT sports car shown ahead of September debut, with Mercedes promising "breathtaking design and supreme agility"
Darren Moss
1 min read
20 May 2014

New preview images of the upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT sports car have surfaced ahead of the car's expected reveal in September. 

The new model, the successor to the SLS supercar, will go on sale later this year. Mercedes has launched a new website to preview the model, saying it will "thrill with breath-taking design and supreme agility".

Previously only the interior of the GT has been shown, with elements such as Mercedes' COMAND infotainment system, a touchpad controller and various high-quality materials seen inside. The two-seat car borrows several interior elements from the new C-class.

Power for the GT will come from a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine with over 500bhp.

Information on the GT's driving dynamics will be revealed in June, with performance and design specifications coming in July and August respectively.

Mercedes has also released a new video previewing the GT. Read Autocar's history of AMG.

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20 May 2014
Back 3/4's look very Cayman like. Doesnt really fit with the long blunt fronted bonnet

20 May 2014
Even from this picture. we can clearly see that Mercedes' claim that the GT would be as beautiful as the E-Type is total and utter nonsense. In profile, the GT clearly looks awkardly proportioned with too much of the car focused towards the rear, giving the car a heavy handed look at the back, while the long bonnet is at odds. Even the flanks look a tad bland. Jag's F-Type has absolutely nothing to worry about on the styling front at least.

21 May 2014
Totally agree with the comment above. This follows the SLS, SLR and (to a lesser extent) most other Mercs - including the A-Class - in having too long a bonnet.

21 May 2014
I must say I personally like how it's shaping so far; I don't agree with comment above re. the fact that it doesn't look anywhere near as beautiful as the E-Type and that the GT has "too much of the car focused towards the rear" - isn't the E-Type also like that? However, one cannot really judge the design of a car until (i) it is fully unveiled and (ii) it is seen in the 'flesh'.

21 May 2014
Personally I never thought the E-Type WAS beautiful! Compared to contemporary Italian designs (and despite Enzo F's approbation). Partly because of its rather absurd proportions. And the coupe was quite awkward, with its too tall/narrow side windows. Whereas the F-Type coupe somehow avoids the too short-looking wheelbase of the convertible.
But I take your final point Mr Galea.

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