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The all-new Infiniti G-series saloon will be offered with Mercedes diesel and petrol engines

The all-new Infiniti G-series saloon will be offered with four-cylinder Mercedes diesel and petrol engines right from the start of its launch in 2013.

The new BMW 3-series rival, along with a new Audi A3 rival due in 2015, are key to Nissan’s luxury arm realising its ambitious growth targets in Europe.

The current G-series saloon, and its coupe and cabriolet siblings, are only available with a thirsty 3.7-litre V6 petrol engine, meaning its European sales barely even the trouble the scorers in a market where four-cylinder diesel models rule.

“We’ll make sure the right engines are in the car right from the start,” said Tony Lewis, Infiniti’s regional director for northern Europe.

The new G-series will also be the model to usher in Infiniti’s new design language, most recently previewed on the acclaimed Emerg-E concept.

Infiniti plans to sell half a million cars worldwide in 2016; in 2011, it sold 145,000 units. UK sales were just 500 units in 2011, but the new G-series and front-drive A3 rival will form the core of an expanded Infiniti line-up that is predicted to boost UK volume to 20,000 units by 2016.

The A3 rival was previewed by the Infiniti Etherea concept at the 2011 Geneva motor show. It will be built on the Daimler MFA platform that also underpins the A-class and B-class among other small Mercs. The small Mercedes range will also lend its engine line-up to Infiniti’s first-ever front-drive car.

To further boost sales, Infiniti plans to boost its European dealer network to 230 by 2016, up from 55 now. A further 35 are planned in Europe by March 2013.

Infiniti also hopes for much increased brand awareness by 2016, something that’s being significantly helped by its sponsorship of Formula One world champions Red Bull Racing.

Speaking at the launch of the revised FX today, Lewis also confirmed Infiniti’s involvement at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next month. The firm will be a significant sponsor, and will bring along two ‘production’ concepts of the Emerg-E.

Brand ambassador and Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel will also play a key role for Infiniti at Goodwood.


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superstevie 13 May 2012

Re: Merc engines for Infiniti G-series

507 wrote:
If the prospective customer has any sense at all he/she buys a real Merc or BMW!
But not everyone wants to buy a run of the mill, same as everyone else Merc of BMW. Choice is a wonderful thing!

superstevie 13 May 2012

Re: Merc engines for Infiniti G-series

toptidy wrote:
Well sort of because the Lexus IS diesel was not much rated when autocar tested it so they need a decent diesel engine
Agree with you on that. Didn't they recently just reduce the power of the diesel but kept the price the same? And it is the same lump that is in the Avensis. I should think BMW power would be a must for Lexus in Europe, rather than hybrid only motoring, or engines from a manufacturer of the most boring cars known to man.
toptidy wrote:
But as for Infiniti building a car off a complete Mercedes platform, doesn't that make it more like a Skoda version of an Audi rather than anything actually fundamentally different?
It hasn't exactly harmed Audi having cars based on the same platform as Skodas, SEAT's and VW's.

507 12 May 2012

Re: Merc engines for Infiniti G-series

If the prospective customer has any sense at all he/she buys a real Merc or BMW!