A new £45k two-seater has just been launched and it's called a Melling Wildcat
Steve Cropley Autocar
7 August 2008

Melling Sports Cars has unveiled its new £45,000 Wildcat V8 two-seater. The company aims to deliver the first Wildcat production cars to the UK buyers from its factory in Rochdale, Lancashire, by the end of the year.

The Wildcat, which is described by creator Al Melling as “the car the TVR Griffith should have been” will also be made in a new factory in Las Vegas.Transatlantic deliveries should begin next spring. When both plants are working, volume is planned at 15 to 20 cars a month.

The Wildcat, sister car to the Hellcat prototype Melling has already shown, is slightly longer and about four inches wider than a TVR Griffith.Its traditional design has been kept delibrately simple and robust to give owners opportunities to modify it to their own specification.

Melling intends to offer chassis and power upgrades. As standard the Wildcat gets a tuned, 460bhp GM ‘small block’ V8, driving through a six-speed manual gearbox. The chassis is an all-new, box-section steel structure, with built-in roll hoops and side-intrusion protection.

Suspension is by double unequal length wishbones in front and there is a coil-sprung live rear axle, with four locating links. Dampers both ends are adjustable, and the brakes, front and rear, are large ventilated discs with four-pot calipers.

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7 August 2008

Looks interesting and looks very much like the TVR it is inspired by. Hope it does well, but for £45k the rear treatment with the tiny lights dotted around a huge plastic/fibreglass rear end looks a bit kit car to me...

7 August 2008

Did Al Melling not give sneak shots of a previous model with a similar name some years ago, that Autocar made a feature of?

I hope this one gets to market. The previous one from memory would not have worked on UK roads. From what I can remember it was called something like Hellcat and would frighten small children and OAP's at twenty paces.

Lets face it he knows a thing or two about engines. I'm sure Peter Wheeler tested the AJP8 engine in the Tuscan Race Series when Mr. Sutcliffe was racing them.

7 August 2008

£45k and a live rear axle... wow, that's advanced. When will they learn? Even a DeDion tube thingy would be a better option.

7 August 2008

Never mind the car, what about those 'press' shots?!! Presumably, that's Mr.Al Melling and his Missus (Tracy?) in the snaps. I particularly like the inclusion of the bloke strolling past, and the big 'To Let' signs in the background. Classic!

7 August 2008

Is the 1200bhp+ Hellcat still planned? This looks very much like a TVR, Tamora front and Griffith rear.

7 August 2008

I know they have deliberately left it plain for customers to "customise", but this car is too plain for a £45k car, no matter how well it drives.

The patriotic part of me wants to see this car do well, but there are far more interesting vehicles out there for the money.



It's all about the twisties........

7 August 2008

This car is another Melling Pipe Dream never to make it to production.

Where's the Melling Hellcat with its Melling designed V10 Aluminium Billet Engine.

What Happend to the Norton V8 Superbike.

Check out his web site on all his wonderful work!! www.mcdeng.co.uk

The only person to left to believe in this man is Steve Cropley.

7 August 2008

Yup, looks like a pumped up TVR, and with 460bhp, hopefully go like a pumped up TVR, which should be quite an experience.

Still looking forward to the Hellcat. THAT even looked mellifluos.... Hmmmm, the Melling Mellifluos.....

7 August 2008

It may be my poor, old eyes failing me...but it doesn't appear to have any form of roof (the boot hinges are right behind the seats). Melling really doesn't understand how to engineer a useable road car, does he? I seem to remember the Hotter-than-Hellcat wasn't going to have air-con because he wanted to "keep it pure". Hmm, the heat soak from a 1000+bhp engine and no air-con - very pure!

Steve Cropley really needs to learn how to be more critical - not negative, just more of a realist.

10 August 2008

WOW! What a car. It's about time the thoroughbred British sportscar was back. Just hope that it sounds right! As for the proportions, it looks like they have nailed the awkward tall windscreen look of the Griff. It looks like a hot rod!


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