Currently reading: 'Mega City' to use Mini E data
BMW ‘Mega city’ electric car may get smaller batteries and a smaller daily range

Data collected from customers of the electric Mini E will be used to help develop BMW’s future city car, according to sales and marketing boss Ian Robertson.

Robertson revealed to Autocar that real life customer experiences of the Mini E are being used to help engineers establish the capabilities of the forthcoming baby BMW, known internally as the 'Mega City', and which is being developed under the Project i banner. It is set to go on sale around 2013.

Mini E drivers apparently have been less bothered by the limited battery range than expected, generally not exceeding battery life on their daily commutes.

Robertson also admitted that data from the forthcoming electric 1-series, due to go on sale next year with more sophisticated battery tech than the Mini, would also be valuable for assessing BMW’s future electric car projects.

He added that Mini E customer data could lead to the BMW ‘Mega city’ electric car needing smaller batteries and a smaller daily range than expected to fulful customer demands.

Chas Hallett

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