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Official tuning kit for SLR includes a new aero kit and suspension changes
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9 December 2010

McLaren has unveiled this official new tuning kit for the discontinued SLR supercar.

Available for retro-fitting to existing standard SLRs, the kit – dubbed McLaren Edition SLR and revealed at the Essen motor show – includes an all-new aerodynamic body kit for added downforce as well as modified steering and suspension set-ups and interior touches for added exclusivity.

Just 25 examples of the kit will be created, although no pricing details have been revealed by the company.

The Mercedes SLR McLaren went out of production last year after a production run of 2000 units. Mercedes launched its own supercar earlier this year, the SLS AMG, while McLaren Automotive's first bespoke supercar since the F1 – the MP4-12C – will be launched next year.


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6 December 2010

Ohhhh!, whoopeee!,that'll please some Saudi princes with their toys, really!,car company's would be better off making cheaper safer car's for us all, by all means makw wild and wet dream car's, but do it as what a customer wants, like the Sultan of Brunie does or did, order them by the dozen, have them built the way YOU want!, i don't think wer'e all that bothered?.

6 December 2010

all rich people are the same, they all want to be different. And as for safer/cheaper cars......................your looking at the wrong news page mate

6 December 2010

Are they trying to make the car more mclaren and less mercedes?, i don't know of any car manufacturer that produces aftermarket body kits and claim it as 'limited addition'. i suppose the clash between mercedes and mclaren is still on-going while amg are raking in the investments. Nice though

6 December 2010

Although it was never quite the car either Mclaren or Mercedes wanted and more of a compromise than liked, it has always had that "wow" factor that only a car every few generations has. The 722 was just a complete beast, as demonstrated when it out dragged the fastest Lamborghini on Top Gear. Only a few people can ever afford cars like these but as an enthusiast I am glad companies go to the trouble of making them for people like me to dream about them. For something more realistic, check out the new SLK, a video has just been "leaked" on youtube. Looks promising.

6 December 2010

[quote nosha]it has always had that "wow" factor that only a car every few generations has.[/quote]Yep, I agree with you. It does have a real sense of occasion and looks stunning.

7 December 2010

I suppose this is proof that even supercar manufacturers have to juice up tired old stock to stimulate interest in newer and more exciting models.

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