Spy shots show supercar undergoing final track work
27 August 2009

McLaren’s P11 supercar has been spied testing at the Nurburgring again.

The mid-engined supercar will go on sale in 2011. McLaren plans to build around 1000 cars a year, with the addition of further P11 variants, as well as another new model, bringing annual output up to around 4000 cars by 2015.

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The P11 is a similar size to a Ferrari F430. Some sources say that P11 will be powered by a Mercedes V8 re-worked by Mahle in the UK.

Antony Sheriff, managing director of McLaren Automotive, has previously revealed the car "is not manufactured like any supercar you have seen." He also says the cars will be "more exclusive and priced at a premium" compared to rivals.

Prices will kick off from 100,000 euros (£88,000) and McLaren says it wants three per cent of the global supercar market, which it calculates as around 130,000 units per year.

McLaren is currently building up a global dealer and distribution network to sell the new models.

The supercars will be built by a new, independent, company called McLaren Automotive, which will be led by Ron Dennis, who has stepped down from heading up the F1 team.

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26 August 2009

Blimey that sounds cheap by super car standards. And remember this is a Mclaren so it won't be knocked up in a shed at the back of someone's garden. Porsche and Audi better start worrying now.

26 August 2009

100K for a proper supercar sounds spot on. This will be a supercar. 200k for a Volvo-engined Noble, without Abs, Esp, Airbags, honestly, doesn't sound reasonable. It's a Macca, not a "Noble"...

27 August 2009

Wow! Noble's got no chance now...

27 August 2009

Noble's been knobbled!

27 August 2009

[quote Nobby Hightinkle]Noble's been knobbled![/quote]

nah .... Noble's been rumbled - for trying it on with silly pricing for a "Fred in the shed" car.

Now - most of us will never be able to afford either of these but could have access to one via a subscription to one of the supercar clubs that exist.

Can you imagine the conversation when the club's management team are choosing whether to have one Noble or two McLarens on the fleet ????

27 August 2009

[quote 38carssofar]

Can you imagine the conversation when the club's management team are choosing whether to have one Noble or two McLarens on the fleet ????

[/quote]Can you imagine the club trying to insure it for any driver, having no anti-numpty gadgetry on? (Yes, I know they don't allow 17 year olds in, before the pedants hit their keyboards).


28 August 2009

I'd love it if this car's factory-fit sat-nav had Ron's voice on it talking in Ronspeak!

Don't worry Ron mate, the lack of a knighthood is because the Queen is an inbred reptile and a blood relation to Blair and Bush.


I'm The Ωmega Man, always talking to myself

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