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First production McLaren P1 hypercars enter production in Woking

The first full production-spec McLaren P1 has begun assembly.

In total, 375 production versions of the British-built hypercar will be produced, with prices starting from £866,000. However, the majority of buyers are expected to customise their cars in some way through the McLaren Special Operations division.

The P1 is powered by a 727bhp  3.8-litre twin-turbo V8, with a supplementary 176bhp coming from an electric motor. Autocar has already experienced a flat-out passenger car in a McLaren P1 at Willow Springs race track, California.

Once the production process is fully ramoped up, one complete P1 will be finished each day. A bespoke viewing suite has been put in place on the production line, to allow customers to watch their car being completed.

In August, McLaren announced that all examples of the P1 destined for the Americas, Asia Pacific and the Middle East were sold out. At the time, a few cars remained for sale in Europe, although McLaren said it was unlikely to shift P1 allocation from one region to another to meet demand in order to preserve exclusivity of the car in each particular region.

The McLaren P1 will rival the Porsche 918 Spyder and LaFerrari. A full comparison of the three hypercars can be found here.

Autocar has produced digital books on the McLaren P1 hypercar as well as the F1 and 12C supercars.

Download the McLaren F1 digital edition.

Download the McLaren P1 digital edition.

Download the McLaren 12C digital edition.


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abz2 8 October 2013


A fortnight ago I was visiting my daughter in Woking and on my journey home I saw this magnificent sight. As I approached the last traffic island before the McLaren factory, I had to stop as a P1 came around the island and then disappeared out of sight.
It truly is a magnificent car to see in the flesh and in black it suggested to me what a modern Batmobile should look like.
Absolutely made my day as I travelled back to the Midlands.