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Second Evora 414E protoype relies on Technology Strategy Board funds

Lotus is awaiting news of Technology Strategy Board funding for its Evora 414E range-extending hybrid.

If it gets the funding, it will build two prototypes; without it, there will only be one.

The concept was unveiled at the Geneva motor show in March and is based on the Lotus Evora platform.Power for the Evora 414E is provided by a pair of electric motors – one located at each rear wheel – with a single-speed reduction transmission allowing torque vectoring between each unit. Each motor produces 204bhp or 207PS, which explains the 414 name.

The concept’s lithium ion batteries can be charged via a typical household plug or the car’s onboard generator – a 47bhp 1.2-litre three-cylinder Lotus Range Extender petrol engine.

Lotus claims the car will be able to hit 0-60mph in less than 4.0sec and will travel up to 35 miles on all-electric power.

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Lotus’s engineering division is also intensifying its research into the human-machine interface.

The company has recently reviewed its plans in that area, as well as in vehicle electronics and systems integration, not least because of the rise of electric and hybrid vehicle projects, such as the fuel cell taxi

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A prototype Fuel Cell Hybrid London taxi was unveiled on 7 June this year and is the work of a consortium of companies, including Lotus Engineering.

London is looking to clean up its air quality, much polluted by diesel fumes from taxis and buses, and the taxi is one of its first steps in tackling the problem.

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Scoobman 23 August 2010

Re: Lotus awaiting Evora 414E funds

Autocar wrote:
If it gets the funding, it will build two prototypes; without it, there will only be one.

They had better expect to build a single prototype, then. We have all got used to the Government throwing piles of cash at any politically expedient project, but need to get used to the fact that there is not much money left. Better to invest private money - that way you know it will be carefully spent.