Currently reading: Limited-run £134k Ineos Grenadier kickstarts firm's bespoke push
Grenadier Detour is first model from Ineos's bespoke division, which will also be used as an in-house R&D arm

Ineos has launched its new Arcane Works personalisation service with the Detour - a luxurious, highly personalised and limited-run take on its Grenadier 4x4.

Making its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the Detour has been conceived to offer buyers – of whom there will only be 200 – a higher level of customisation and "long-distance comfort" over the standard car. 

The first model from Arcane Works – effectively Ineos's version of Bentley's Mulliner or JLR's SV programme – will be built alongside the standard car in Hambach, France, but then "hand-finished" in the UK.

Prices start from £134,100 in the UK, compared to the most expensive version of the standard Grenadier – the 1924 special edition – which costs just under £80,000.

Ineos says it will work with UK craftspeople as part of the personalisation process - including Bridge of Weir for leather upholstery, Johnstone of Elgin for cashmere and jewellery firm Vaughtons for badging. 

It remains available with a choice of either BMW's straight-six petrol or diesel engines, but petrol cars get an "exclusively tailored" custom exhaust that is said to enhance the "character and emotion" of the soundtrack. 

Other features unique to the Detour include bespoke 18in forged alloy wheels, a different front grille and a range of special colour options - "which are each polished by hand to enhance the finish", said Ineos.

Owners can take this one step further, though, by having their Detour hand-sprayed in a custom colour to match any sample they provide, or any other cars they own.

Inside, new finishes are on offer for the cabin trim, as well as quilted leather seats and cashmere headlining. Detour cars also get a laser-etched aluminium kick plate under the doors.

As well as offering personalised versions of Ineos's core model line-up, Arcane Works will also become the company's in-house R&D arm, serving as a test bed for new technologies and systems for future Ineos vehicles, such as uprated engine modifications, new chassis systems and new materials and features.


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CanAmSteve 12 July 2024

A rich boy toy, as predicted. Find a decent classic Defender and have it professionally rebuilt. Save money. In 20 years, every part will still be available and no one will remember what Ineos was

Peter Cavellini 11 July 2024

Now There is a surprise!, can't miss a trick like this, if there are people willing to part with there money, then, it's there's and they can spend it how they like.

Soren Lorenson 11 July 2024

A fool and his money...etc.

I'm sure the new car will be great, but the price hike is extraordinary.  How can it be that much better?