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Upgraded WRX STi will be limited to just 125 units

Subaru has launched a limited edition Impreza WRX STI for the US market.

The Subaru Impreza WRX STI Special Edition will be limited to just 125 units and it will make its debut at the Los Angeles motor show next week.

See the Subaru Impreza WRX STI Special Edition pics

The main change over the standard WRX STi occurs under the skin, where the car gets an upgraded performance suspension system from the Japanese Spec C model. This adds a thicker rear stabiliser bar, stiffer rear sub-frame bushings and upgraded springs.

The front springs are now 16 per cent stiffer than the standard car, while the rear springs are 29 per cent stiffer.

All 125 models will be in Aspen White and feature charcoal 18-inch 14-spoke alloy wheels with performance Dunlop SP600 tyres, both from the Spec C. Brembo Performance Brakes also feature, as do limited-slip differentials at the front and rear.

The 301bhp, 290lb ft turbocharged boxer engine is the same as the base car's. It is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox.

Prices will be revealed at the LA show. No one from Subaru was immediately available for comment on whether this car or a similar model would be coming to the UK.

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Symanski 26 November 2009

Re: Limited Impreza WRX launched

Peter Cavellini wrote:
Symanski, how much are you prepared too pay for a limited edition?

Very good point.

I don't think the current Subaru importer would do it for less than £ 30k. If you look at what some of the car supermarkets have been able to sell WRX Imprezas (and even STis) at you'll see how much of a mark up the Subaru UK are making.

If the hatchback Impreza WRX and STi price was dropped the same proportion as the standard car was on launch (a £ 15k base model became £ 12.5k) then it would be a a much better proposal.

Lionheart 26 November 2009

Re: Limited Impreza WRX launched

The Subaru special edition will be priced around 26-27k, bargin !

0-60 in 4.8 seconds as tested by Autoexpress and EVO, Subaru figures are conservative.

Subaru STI now has idrive technology to remap the car (flick of a switch), many examples of 35mpg on motorway runs. Folks who changed from the 2007 STI to the hatchback STI have reported much better fuel economy (and rattle free cabins now)

Focus RS 0-60 tests Autocar 6.3 and EVO 6.0 seconds, 30-70 in 5.8 seconds in Autoexpress. Handling wise the RS is very good, but there is still some torque steer though not bad for a 297bhp car.

The Focus RS retails at £26,400 in basic white, however the base models are not available unless you want to wait 6 months, so you are stuck with cars availalble at Ford dealerships with lots of options so nearer 30k and I dont think the RS is good value at this price, same goes for the Civic Type R Mugen.

Also, I saw a base Focus RS in northampton, badly chipped alloys and parking dents, 2 owners (ex-demo), 10,800 miles, Price £26,395. It sold at the full asking price.

I drive a VW golf, but when the time is right the STI is high on my shopping list next to the new Audi S4 (which I've seen new for under £30k)

Lionheart 26 November 2009

Re: Limited Impreza WRX launched