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Electric sports car maker to expand model line-up

The makers of the electric Lightning GT sports car are planning three more models.

The £120,000 Lightning GT is was shown at the 2008 London motor show as a concept car and is scheduled to go into production next year.

London show: Lightning GT

It is powered by four 120Kw electric motors, with new 36Kw ‘NanoSafe’ batteries providing the energy. The combination is said to give the GT more than 700bhp.

Lightning’s own figures show that the GT is capable of reaching 60mph in just 4.0sec, though top speed is limited to 130mph.

Ian Sanderson, Chairman of the Lightning Car Company, said: "The Lightning GT should be ready for sale in spring 2010. We have deposits, and we're pushing ahead with our plans.

"It's our intention that it is the first of a number of models. A limo-sized model is planned, as we think a high-end chauffer-driven car with electric power would work well for executives travelling around cities.

UK's £25m electric car scheme

"We are then looking at possibilities for an SUV and a smaller sportscar. These are some way off because we want to concentrate on the Lightning GT, but the plan is that all the derivates will use the GT's powertrain, meaning we can roll them out quickly when we are ready."

Sanderson added that one-third of the deposits taken for the Lightning GT were from the UK, and two-thirds from abroad. However, he is eager to use British technology and promote the company as British.

"We want to promote the fact we are proud to be British, and use our technology to build knowledge for Britain and eventually create jobs for the UK economy," he said.

Lightning is part of a winning consortium taking part in the government's £25 million electric car project through the Technology Strategy Board, and as a result will put trial cars on the road next year.

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