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More kit, same money for hybrid flagship

The Lexus LS600h has been facelifted.

Changes range from LED sidelights to a new uprated Brembo braking system and automatic headlight main beam operation.

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New in-car technology includes a 40GB hard-disc drive.

The LS model also gains new LCD dashboard instrumentation and is fitted with the ‘Rear Seat Upgrade package’ as standard. This includes four-zone climate control and electrically adjustable rear seats.

The only option for the LS600h range is the 'Rear Seat Relaxation package', which offers reclining seats, an electrically adjustable foot and thigh rest, an adjustable massage function and seat cushion airbags.

The option package also features a more sophisticated climate control system that monitors the passengers’ body temperature, a fixed centre console with built-in cool box, DVD and CD store and a retracting and adjustable wood inlaid tray.

Prices start at £87,440 for the LS600h - the same as on the current LS600h

John O'Brien

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The Lexus LS is a huge, high-quality limo. Great refinement, but high running costs and no Mercedes-Benz S-Class

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lilianna 4 April 2014

This is the problem. It would

This is the problem. It would have to have Citroen's rather lazier steering, and Citroen's hydraulic suspension, otherwise there'd be nothing to differentiate it.
ThwartedEfforts 23 March 2010

Re: Lexus LS600h updated

veedubya wrote:

I think going hybrid only is a shrewd and sensible move.

If you have no diesel products then an alternative powertrain seems like an obvious move. However, diesels are either cheaper (e.g. S350 CDI = £57K, S350 = £59K) or broadly the same money, but in this case the hybrid is getting on for twice the cost of the erstwhile petrol. And while it offers better economy it has the same punishing depreciation and seriously, who buys this kind of car for its green credentials?

Few people bought an LS. Now hardly anyone will.

veedubya 22 March 2010

Re: Lexus LS600h updated

ThwartedEfforts wrote:
why is the only oil-burner an IS when an emphatic majority of buyers in the sectors Lexus occupy want diesel? Why can't you specify your luxurious Lexus IS diesel with an automatic gearbox - technology that has been available for at least 50 years?

I spent 3 months as a Lexus salesman before I could no longer put up with turning away every other customer because they don't offer what the majority of UK customers want, I sold almost exclusively IS250 autos to pensioners!

The fact is the Lexus range is designed for an American market and because this market is so big for them (they were the best selling premium brand in the US when I worked for them) it isn't worthwhile them developing products that are appealing to Euro-only customers. The exception to this is the IS220d but this is neither economical or efficient enough to compete effectively and being manual only is a huge disadvantage.

I think going hybrid only is a shrewd and sensible move.