Currently reading: Lexus line-up to shun plug-in hybrids
Lexus says it doesn't need plug-in hybrid tech in order to achieve 95g/km of CO2 emissions across its range

Lexus will not rush to provide plug-in hybrid versions of its cars before 2021, as it remains on track to hit European Union targets of average emissions of 95g/km across its fleet.

“Other companies need a few batteries and plugs to hit that target, but even with the growth of our SUV sales we are on course to be below 95g/km,” said Lexus Europe boss Alain Uyttenhoven.

“It doesn’t mean we’ll ignore the technology and in time I’m sure we will need it to hit tougher targets - but we’re ready for that if and when we need it. For now, we don’t; our customers will get the car they need without the added complexity.”

Uyttenhoven also predicted that hybrid sales would continue to rise. Some 25% of all Lexus sales are currently hybrids, although European sales are made up of 98% hybrid sales.

“As pressure on diesel increases, we predict hybrid sales will rise,” he said.

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