Currently reading: Leicester agrees hydrogen trial
Riversimple will provide 30 hydrogen fuel-cell powered cars for a trial in Leicester from spring 20

Riversimple, a UK firm with backing from Ernst Piech, a member of the Porsche dynasty, will provide 30 hydrogen fuel-cell powered cars for a trial in Leicester from spring 2012.

The 12-month project is designed to trial the cars and help identify suitable refuelling points in the city. Riversimple says that if the project is a success it will locate a manufacturing plant with a capacity for building 5000 cars in Leicester.

UK hydrogen cars planned

The Riversimple is a two-seat car with a top speed of 50mph and a range of 200 miles. It is built using lightweight composites and weighs just 350kg. The car is currently designed at built at Silverstone in Northamptonshire.

When the car goes into production Riversimple plans to lease it out for a monthly and all inclusive per mile charge, similar to a mobile phone contract. It estimates the average user will pay £200 a month plus 15p per mile to run the car.

Riversimple also plans to run a second trial in another city, and is currently trying to raise £20m of investment to further its plans.

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HydroGit 23 June 2010

Re: Leicester agrees hydrogen trial

Wow, I think you people miss the point. Hydrogen is a battery - so why bother with batteries.

For hydrogen to be succesful as an alternative fuel we need to challenge the status quo regarding fuel production.

The only way these hydrogen cars are going to take off, is to open up the hydrogen production market. The answer to this is home based systems and/or co-op style fueling stations owned by the community.

The best anser is the home based system (which honda alrady has available!) - this means you do not need to store the fuel, it gets created directly and stored in the car.

I see the day when the car itself will create its own fuel, just plug into an electric outlet and refuel - just like an electric car - only more efficient.

Combine wind, solar and hydrogen energy/power and we have an answer to our future energy requirements.

Straight Six Man 12 June 2010

Re: Leicester agrees hydrogen trial

Dan McNeil v2 wrote:
You miss the point, Rover.

If I have to explain once more that I'm not Rover P6, I'll hear everyone saying "methinks the gentleman doth protest too much"... it's a fine line to tread. Anyway, what is the point I am supposedly missing?

Dan McNeil v2 12 June 2010

Re: Leicester agrees hydrogen trial

Straight Six Man wrote:

Dan McNeil v2 wrote:
Straight Six Man wrote:
Has it got a rollcage? No. Has it got a long nose? No. It'll be, at best, as safe as a Smart - and still bugger all use against a nice big luxobarge.
Lady Di's luxobarge didn't do too well against a Parisian underpass pillar.

Well, it was doing over 100mph IIRC! And she wasn't wearing a seatbelt - daft bint.

You miss the point, Rover.