Pictures of the sixth-generation Volkswagen Golf have surfaced ahead of schedule
4 August 2008

Pictures of the new, sixth-generation Volkswagen Golf have leaked onto the internet ahead of its official unveiling.

They show that Volkswagen’s design team has taken an evolutionary approach to restyling the company’s biggest-selling model. The most noticeable changes are Scirocco-style headlamps and tail lights that are strongly reminiscent of the Touareg SUV.

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Under the surface we know that the new Golf sticks to the same mechanical package as the outgoing car, and will be offered with much of the same range of petrol and diesel powerplants. Engines will be more fuel efficient, with a super-frugal ‘Bluemotion’ version likely to be offered from launch.

Volkswagen also appears to have taken on board criticism of some of the previous Golf’s cabin materials, with the new car’s interior getting more soft-touch plastics and sharing switchgear and instruments with the Scirocco. Satnav has also been upgraded to VW’s latest touch-screen system.

The Golf has long been Volkswagen’s most successful car, with the current version still topping the European sales charts. That explains the subtle nature of the visual transformation – but will it be enough to persuade buyers that this is an all-new car?

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Volkswagen Golf

Just how good is the mighty Volkswagen Golf? The seventh generation of Europe's best selling car has been facelifted to keep its nose ahead of its rivals

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4 August 2008


4 August 2008


I know VW will be playing it safe with this car, but it is too derivitive. It lacks inspiration, looks stodgy and certainly not a car I will be getting excited about.

That said, I have no doubt that it will be built well and have solid residuals. It just doesn't move the game on.



It's all about the twisties........

4 August 2008

I agree with pdmc. This is awful. The back is the same as the Touareg and that came out 5 years ago. Where is the progress?

4 August 2008

Is the exterior a redesign/remold of the existing metal because it looks very similar? I think it looks a bit boring to be honest. The car pictured is in what looks like a decent spec, with body coloured everything, massive wheels and a hi-spec interior. Would be interested to know what it looks like in base trim.

4 August 2008

It'll be interesting to find out whether the build quality is any better. VW have gone too long on a reputation for reliability that is not bourne out by their cars.

Is there going to be a small, common rail diesel anytime to rival the PSA/Ford 1.6tdci? The 1.9 pumpe duse should have been replaced before now - to have it continue into a new model would not do even an average car justice

4 August 2008


VW will say if it ain't broke why fix it, while the Golf brand and image is so strong, as are worldwide sales, they will say that evolution was the only option. But again?

The VW and Golf name is strong enough to warrant a break from a design theme that first started in 1974. Other marques have managed to break away from their long-standing and respected models in both design and even name, so why not VW? Or if they wanted to play the evolutionary game and make the car still recogniseable as a VW and a Golf, a bit more flair could have been added. Look at a 3-Series or a C-Class for example - we all know who makes them and what models they are, but each generation has looked sufficiently different from the previous model.

Has VW got the gall to play the same game a 7th time around?

4 August 2008

It's not really surprising that it's a mild evolution of the old car however, I'm disappointed with the rear...where are the nice LEDs of other recent VWs? Also, anyone else think 'Astra' when viewed from the front?

4 August 2008

I think its a lazy design. Just bits of the scirocco and toureag stuck onto the old golf body! It needs some proper, original styling.

Am I right in saying that VW are developing a new 1.6 tdi engine?

4 August 2008

Yes, I think Volkswagen are going to be offering the New Golf with their new 1.6 Common-rail diesel engines. We'll probably get more details on these when the New Golf is properly officially launched this week. Back to the design, and the front is alright, but the rear end looks boring and square. It's as if, like some have already said, Volkswagen have glued the (ugly) Toureg's rear lights on. I too think they should have slotted VW's usual LED rear lights in to make it more attractive. And it looks to me that the interior is a heavily revised version of that seen in the Eos and Scirocco, just with some new dials and switchgear. And I'm seeing white dashboard backlighting - not blue! I think Volkswagen have made a bit of a mess, but I'll wait and see if those rear lights are actually LED somehow. Otherwise, boring. An improvement on the current model, but still boring.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

4 August 2008

The back lights look like a Vectra Estate. Oh dear


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