Luxury hybrid SUV revealed for the first time at the LA Show
20 November 2008

Lexus has just unveiled the RX 450h, its latest hybrid SUV, at the LA motor show.

Powered by a 3.5-litre V6 engine producing 295bhp, the Lexus RX450h will replace both the existing RX400h hybrid and the RX350 when it goes on sale in the UK.

Power will be delivered through a front-wheel-drive hybrid system. Non-permanent four-wheel drive and regenerative braking will also help save fuel.

This second-generation hybrid RX will also be more efficient than its predecessor thanks to a heat recovery system to reduce engine warm-up time and a cooled exhaust gas recirculation system to reduce engine pumping losses.

When the Lexus RX450h arrives in the UK in summer 2009, it will be marked out with a new front grille and bumper, blue-trimmed Lexus logos and blue-tinted headlights. A special 19-inch alloy wheel design and LED headlights will also be available as an option.

The Lexus RX450h will also get 10 airbags, adaptive front lighting and active headrests. Prices are still to be confirmed, but expect to pay a small premium over the outgoing RX400h, at around £37,000.

George Barrow

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21 November 2008

Gee. No chance whatsoever of confusing the 'new' with the 'old' one is there? Let's play spot the difference! Also whoever designed that dash (especially that centre console stack) needs to have either their medication reviewed or their eyes tested. Possibly both. Truly vile.

21 November 2008

If Lexus UK have decided not to bring in any other versions of this model, why don't they do the same with the rest of their ranges and "reposition" themselves in the market place as being the green luxury car company. It would certainly give them a unique USP.

That said, you would probably have to do away with the IS-F, and I can't see that going down too well!



It's all about the twisties........

21 November 2008

[quote jelly7961]Also whoever designed that dash (especially that centre console stack) needs to have either their medication reviewed or their eyes tested. Possibly both. Truly vile.[/quote]

Good grief! Vile indeed.

21 November 2008

that dash looks like it has been designed by someone who liked the 1st generation Ford Focus. the silver part is almost the same shape

21 November 2008

I prefer the old model - this one looks really antwacky in white. And I'm still not a fan of that Lexus grille. Very 1990s Rover-ish. Interior looks a bit plasticky too. Yes, I think I prefer the old one.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

23 November 2008

This car is crucial to Lexus going forward into 2009 and beyond. It is likely that the RX350 will not come here and may be available to order only? as the major push on Hybrid continues.

This is the USP Lexus have and expect the next generation IS to have Hybrid instead of diesel for Europe.

I think the car looks good - but nothing like seeing one in the flesh - if the European launch is around May/June will Infiniti hit the roads at the same time?

Interesting times ahead!!

24 November 2008

I actually like the dash. Interiors is what lexus do best in my opinion and this one isnt too bad.. Yes it looks a little odd but i think considering its ergonomic design it is actually quite stylish..

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