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The Jensen name looks set to return, with a new GT model and an Interceptor 2 planned for 2016
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25 February 2015

The Jensen name is set to return on an "officially sanctioned" model for the first time in 13 years.

The Jensen Group, a company spearheaded by former Aston Martin boss Tim Hearley, has produced a vehicle named the Jensen GT and is also working on a successor to the company's famous Interceptor model.

The GT has been revealed as a clay model so far, but the company has said it has been deliberately designed as a bridging model between the classic Jensens of the 1970s and the new model, which it intends to release in 2016.

The GT will be hand-built in small numbers, with the precise volume being dictated by demand. The pricing is not set in stone, because the company expects it to be affected by an individual customer's needs and desires, but is likely to be in the region of £350,000. These options are set to include variations on engine tuning and a choice of gearbox, but bespoke wishes will also be accommodated.

The first models are likely to be ready in early 2016, although a prototype version is currently under construction. Jensen says the GT will be a more performance-focused model than the old Interceptor, albeit with a "level of refinement above that of the average muscle car". It claims the retro element will be restricted to the styling, rather than the vehicle dynamics.

The second new model that will wear the Jensen name is the Interceptor 2 and is due for release in 2016. This will "take design cues from the classic Interceptor and will advance the concept of the original grand tourer, to provide a thoroughly modern and exciting vehicle", according to the company.

In the interim, the Jensen GT will be built under an agreement between the Jensen Group and Jensen International Automotive (JIA), a company that builds modified Interceptor R models.

The Jensen Group behind the project states that it is not related to a different revival of the Jensen name in 2011, and that it has established ownership of the Jensen and Interceptor brands in order to clear up any confusion over the future of the marque.

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25 February 2015
£350,000?! Yeh, good luck with that.


25 February 2015
... but at that level they must be looking at single-digit sales. Shame as its a nice shape. Would have been a nice Bentley alternative.


25 February 2015
For the market that this will compete in, the powertrain will be all important. The use of an AMG V8 with suitable levels of power might give it a fighting chance, however, a big US V8 might leave it struggling.............

25 February 2015
Why name a big American muscle car after an old British sporting break that it shares nothing in the way of styling with?

With the recent collapse of the US car industry I'm guessing there are several more appropriate brands floating around.


25 February 2015
Pity its lost that distinctive panoramic rear window.

25 February 2015
Since when is this an American Muscle car ??????????

Since when has the US motor industry recently collapsed ??????

And why can people just accept that this car will sell, like the original did, and like other bespoke brands still continue to do so, this site has become very negative lately....

25 February 2015
it looks great, bits of 60's Mustang or Capri in the rear side view, I wonder how much Jaguar charged them for the use of the F Type rear lights.

25 February 2015
Mustang front end, Jaguar back end and a Capri in the middle, as noted above. Doesn't look like a Jensen..... If you can afford to play in this market sector, buy an Eagle E-Type. Do retro properly.

25 February 2015
This coined phrase was a motor nut friend of mine when he was describing the Greeks !!! lol
The same can be used for this. I adored the interceptor - but that was then and this is now. Price is wrong and the engine is absolutely wrong so I think sadly it will fall once again on its ceptor !!

26 February 2015
It great to see the British Brand coming back. I hope more model will follow. I remember Simon Dutton who play the saint in 1989 drove a Jensen. It will good if the new saint drive this instead of a 4 cyclinder Volvo.


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