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New saloon undisguised on public roads for the first time

This is the production version of the Jaguar XJ saloon - seen on British roads for the first time.

Styling-wise this car is a radical departure from everything we have come to expect from an XJ and it will be crucial to the marque’s future survival.

See more pictures of the Jaguar XJ on the streets of London here

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Video: Jaguar XJ in London

The design team, led by Giles Taylor, has produced a shape that is both linked to the XF but also carves a new direction for big Jaguars.

The rear is the most controversial element of the styling, featuring wrap-over tail-lights with the suggestion of a cat’s claw in the lenses.

The XJ may have similar dimensions to the car it replaces but it appears much bigger. It also uses the same bonded/riveted aluminium construction pioneered in the previous car, and at about 1650kg it is far lighter than its rivals.

Three different engines are offered: a supercharged 5.0-litre all-alloy petrol V8; a normally aspirated version of the same engine, and a 3.0-litre twin-turbo diesel.

Production starts at the end of September with deliveries expected in early 2010.

See all the launch and official pictures, plus read the car details at - Jaguar XJ: full story

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