Firm will launch up to nine new cars over the next 24 months
13 November 2009

Hyundai is planning to launch several new models in the UK over the next 18 months as its aims to consolidate the stronger position it established during the country's scrappage scheme.

The firm has enjoyed recorded sales under the government-backed scheme and the firm’s UK managing director Tony Whitehorn told Autocar that Hyundai would be looking to maintain these sales going in 2010.

“Scrappage has been a massive help in helping people recognise the Hyundai brand,” said Whitehorn. “But, quite rightly, it does have to end at some point and we’re focused on maintaining our sales going into 2010 and beyond.”

First up in 2010 will be the launch of the Tucson replacement, the ix35. Ahead of that, the facelifted Santa Fe is due on sale within the next few weeks.

In the second half of 2010, the firm will launch two new MPVs in an attempt to broaden its range and compete in market sectors where it has previously struggled.

The first MPV will be a five-seater, based on the Kia Venga unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show, while a larger seven-seater will arrive at the same time.

The five-seater will be based on the firm’s i20 supermini platform and will share its engine with that model. Whitehorn says the car’s main competitor will be the Nissan Note; that means the car will, in effect, be the replacement for the unloved Matrix. It will share its engines with the i20 and will adopt the firm’s ‘i’ badge.

The seven-seater is likely to be based on the i-mode concept car, displayed at the Geneva motor show in 2008. This model will be a rival to the Vauxhall Zafira, sharing its platform and engines with the i30 hatchback.

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Although no launch dates have been confirmed, both cars expected to appear at the Paris motor show in the autumn before going on sale in early 2011.

The Hyundai i40, the Sonata’s replacement, is also set to go on sale in 2011. Again, no launch date has been decided, but it could make its debut at the Bologna motor show later in 2010. Saloon, hatchback and estate versions will all be offered.

In late 2010, Hyundai will launch a facelifted version of the popular i10 city car. The styling and trim levels will both be refreshed, while new engines may also make their way into the line-up. The firm has already confirmed that a new 800cc, three-cylinder turbocharged engine will be available some time in 2010.

No facelift of the i30 hatchback will be launched; instead Hyundai is planning to replace the model earlier than originally envisaged, possibly in 2011.

Following in 2011 will be the firm’s new flagship model, the Veloster. This will be a replacement for the Coupe and Whitehorn described it as a “halo” model rather than a volume seller.

Finally, a production version of the ix-metro concept from Frankfurt should arrive in 2012. The source said it would “look much the same as the concept” and will be pitched as a rival to the Nissan Qazana.

Mark Tisshaw

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13 November 2009

Nice of the UK tax payer to fund a Korean company's expansion.

13 November 2009

[quote ThwartedEfforts]Nice of the UK tax payer to fund a Korean company's expansion.[/quote]

Yes, and they are probably the same people who have a house built by Polish builders, kitted out with LG/Samsung appliances and gadgets and bemoan about 'Broken Britain'...

13 November 2009

About as exciting as LG launching a new range of whitegoods.

13 November 2009

I predict HuyndaiSmoke will experience multiple orgasms on reading this piece, the lucky fellow.

13 November 2009

[quote disco.stu]

About as exciting as LG launching a new range of whitegoods.

[/quote]Agreed. Time to renew that sub to 'Which Fridge/Freezer'. Much more exciting than this totally predictable insomnia cure.

13 November 2009

What! No RWD Coupe?

13 November 2009

Each to there own I suppose but no one ever says why Hyundai is so boring, it just looks like snobbery otherwise.

The thought of the IX35 I find quite exciting actually! (but I cant hang on long enough for it as I need to replace soon)

A compact (4.4 metre) 4x4 that looks fantastic, is hugely well equipped with an 184bhp 2.0 diesel, multilink suspension at the rear. It is possible they will even get the CO2 below 160g/km.


13 November 2009

Why no Genesis Coupe!!!!!!!

Bring that instead of a Sonata replacement... Hasn't 20 years of trying and failing to sell large cars in Europe not taught them anything?!? I thought they want to appeal to younger drivers?

Hyundai and Kia have always spread themselves too thin, building 10 average models when they could be making 5 excellent ones.

13 November 2009

Is this the first time we have had someone from the motor industry say that "quite rightly" the scrappage scheme has to end at some point?.

The SMMT will be having words with him.........

16 November 2009

Relax, You guys in Europe will get the Genesis Coupe about 2012, the year of the big refresh.

The Hyundai Veloster (Coupe) will be the US Spec Accent hatch, as here they are going to replace both the Accent Hatch and Tiburon to make them the same car. The Accent enjoys strong sales in the US, for it to be picked as a Halo car. Not a volume seller, but its what draws to the dealer. The Sedan looks like a baby Sonata, the 5 door will look like an elongated Veloster. The Veloster and 5 Door are intended to duke it out with Golfs, MINIs, and any small Alfas that might come to my side of the pond. Conversely, an i20 like car will come over to the US as a B segment under the Accent, which is moving up to C Segment. The Elantra will be like a C/D car. There are also some ideas, and possible spy shots of a Sonata 2 door Coupe. The pics look sweet.

The Elantra will get a coupe too in the US, but I havent heard if that will come to the Europe as an i30 Coupe. The i30 still has some years to go, the Elantra will get replaced with a totally new One by Q4 2010 sold as a 2011 model.

2012-An all new ix-45 (SantaFe) and ix-55(Veracruz) are Coming too. Expect the ix-45 to look like the Nuvis concept

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