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A performance version of the Hyundai i40 is under consideration
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14 February 2012

A performance version of the Hyundai i40 is under consideration alongside a new Hyundai i30 hot hatch, a senior company executive has confirmed. Allan Rushforth, Hyundai Europe’s chief operations officer, said at the launch of the all-new i30 that Hyundai had to act on its rapid expansion in Europe with models that extended beyond its budget roots.

“A Hyundai GTI? That’s not just a C-segment question [i30], but a D-segment [i40] one as well,” said Rushforth. “We have talked about such cars and are considering versions not only with more performance, but dynamic improvements to ride and handling, too.”

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Such cars were necessary for Hyundai “if we are to expand on being a good value, reliable and low CO2 brand”, according to Rushforth, adding “we have to do something with products that bring our company to life”.

Hyundai recently confirmed that it would launch a performance ‘Turbo’ version of its new Veloster coupe in Europe this summer. The car will bring turbocharging to its modern 1.6-litre four-cylinder ‘Gamma’ direct-injection petrol engine for the first time, and Rushforth said the firm was open to more turbocharging in the future.

“We recognise the attributes in bringing down emissions and improving low-end performance with turbo engines,” said Rushforth. “We are working on this technology; watch this space.

“When you consider the whole life costs, clearly we have to keep an eye on high-revving, high stress [normally aspirated] petrol engines.”

Rushforth indicated the firm would look to expand its turbocharged offerings from 2013, when the firm is also expected to undertake a wider roll-out of the dual-clutch transmission technology it has recently launched in the Veloster.

“The Veloster is the first step for our dual-clutch technology,” he said. “It’s a starting point for us and we’ll look at how we can adapt it across the range.”

Mark Tisshaw

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14 February 2012

[quote Autocar]“A Hyundai GTI? That’s not just a C-segment question [i30], but a D-segment [i40] one as well,” said Rushforth. “ [/quote]

Well, yes it is more of a C segment question but I am guessing from these comments that they have the go ahead on the warm / hot Veloster and don't want to tread on that cars feet with the i30.

A performance orientated i40? I can't see it being done in the traditional sense (think Insignia SRi), I would guess they will do it more in the swift exec express, Mondeo Titanium style.

14 February 2012

Given that the i10 is already a spritely little car, Hyundai could be missing a trick by not bringing out a performance version of that model instead.

14 February 2012

[quote TegTypeR]don't want to tread on that cars feet [/quote]

Not quite - whilst this marriage is very fruitfull, they are determined to be different in design and approach. Yes they will, for the sake of economy in production, like Audi, dig into the parts bin. The Veloster just happened to come out of the egg first. Each company has its own agenda. Each is trying to find its own market attractions and doing this without the very unwanted riding on another market leaders back (Ford - VW) because they simply want to be aside and respected. What is good with the Koreans, they quite deffinately LISTEN to the market and make their considerations and moves. Most others hear - but remain deaf

14 February 2012

A hot version of the i40 will be interesting as it's already engineered for the larger engine/transmissions - the US models of Santa Fe get a 3.5 V6 and that's based on the Sonata platform, like the i40, and they're already expecting a 2.0GDi turbo for the 2013 model.

For Europe, Hyundai can also introduce GTI diesels as the 194bhp/436Nm 2.2CRDi R-series is already used in that platform as the current Santa Fe.

14 February 2012

They already have the engine for it: the 270hp+ 2 liter they use in the Genesis Coupe. Hadn't the 1.6 from the Veloster turbo already been confirmed for the i30 ( and Ceed )?

14 February 2012

Ye splease! Not all of us want a diesel! I need a reasonable size car and a petrol engine - I do 6000 miles a year - and sorry Iit doesn't matter how good the 1.7 diesel is I don't want one I don't do the mileage!

THey have all the engines they need in the USA - which is annoying - surely they could sort something out for us brits! We are afterall the biggest market for fast vehicles (even with our expensive petrol!!)

18 July 2013

Hopefully the car would come to the market soon. I am planning on buying this car and I have just talked to my Lansing car dealer to inform me as soon as the car hits the market.

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