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Changes made to the suspension and interior following feedback from customers and media

Honda has made a series of suspension changes to the Insight in response to negative feedback of its ride and handling.

The Insight has been in sale in the UK for little more than a year and Honda has reacted quickly to address the ride, handling and NVH issues following criticism from customers and the media.

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The changes include adjustments to the recoil rate of the springs, a change of the rear camber angles and alterations to the V-shape rear suspension brace and adjusting mounts. Honda says these changes “promise to deliver improved ride, handling and stability”.

These changes are not available as a retro-fit to current Insight owners, however, as the changes classify the revised Insight as new model.

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Although the exterior remains unchanged, Honda has made some changes to improve the interior, too. Dashboard and seat colours have been changed to “give a more uniform finish”, while some of the plastics have also been upgraded. The air vents are now surrounded by chrome and the door sills now feature a silver garnish.

Parking sensors have also been added to ES-model Insights and above, while a new trim level, EX, has been added to the top of the range, offering a leather interior and sat-nav as standard from £20,215.

The revised Insight should reach the UK in September.

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lilianna 4 April 2014

I like the look of it in

I like the look of it in general but I really do hate those chrome spurs on the bonnet.
I am not so chi... 20 July 2010

Re: Honda revises the Insight


You may not like the CVT box (I do) But if you want a really crap Honda box try the i-shift. The biggest blob Honda have made in years (IMHO!)

It was the one thing that stopped me buying both the Civic and the new Jazz. Nothing but complaint apparently. 'clunky-jerky' etc. Hoda's problem is that they don't fix that which is wrong but start messing about with what is perfectly ok.

I have had 6 Hondas so I do speak from experience. (Manual HR-V, 51 reg CR-V, 4 later CR-V's all auto and an old Jazz cvt)

Flash Harry 20 July 2010

Re: Honda revises the Insight

This is sad news for a company like Honda who used to lead in engine and suspension tech.less of the OTT interiors too please!!