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Changes made to the suspension and interior following feedback from customers and media
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19 July 2010

Honda has made a series of suspension changes to the Insight in response to negative feedback of its ride and handling.

The Insight has been in sale in the UK for little more than a year and Honda has reacted quickly to address the ride, handling and NVH issues following criticism from customers and the media.

See the Honda Insight's revised interior

The changes include adjustments to the recoil rate of the springs, a change of the rear camber angles and alterations to the V-shape rear suspension brace and adjusting mounts. Honda says these changes “promise to deliver improved ride, handling and stability”.

These changes are not available as a retro-fit to current Insight owners, however, as the changes classify the revised Insight as new model.

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Although the exterior remains unchanged, Honda has made some changes to improve the interior, too. Dashboard and seat colours have been changed to “give a more uniform finish”, while some of the plastics have also been upgraded. The air vents are now surrounded by chrome and the door sills now feature a silver garnish.

Parking sensors have also been added to ES-model Insights and above, while a new trim level, EX, has been added to the top of the range, offering a leather interior and sat-nav as standard from £20,215.

The revised Insight should reach the UK in September.

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19 July 2010

Shame they didnt take the opportunity to offer it with the 6 speed manual from the CR-Z. From my point of view the worst aspect of the car is its cvt box.

19 July 2010

Good on Honda for realising their initial faults with this car, but I'd be pretty annoyed if I was a customer who'd already bought one, considering it's only been out for just over 12 months! Still, hopefully the improvements will show some effect.

19 July 2010

Anyone else remember Honda making changes within about a year to the original Jazz? It does make me wonder who signs off on the suspension of some Hondas (when others have been brilliant). The changes are sorely needed - we test drove one when buying my wife's car and it was not placed on our short list - it needs the 1.5 from the CRZ, not the 1.3, it needed major suspension work and it needed the usual Honda bugbear of road noise dealt with.

19 July 2010

"Dashboard and seat colours have bee changes to “give a more uniform finish”, "

I didn't know they were offering an insect inspired interior... well done Autocar, another classic review.

19 July 2010

About time Honda.

This really could be good car spoilt by obvious and visible cost cutting.

The mismatched finishes and shades on the dashboard were only part of the problem.The cheap and flimsy feeling exterior door handles set the tone for the whole car. Here it's sold at around the same price as the Jazz and sells as a cheap alternative to the Prius.

When I checked it out, I couldn't sit in the back seats without my head grazing the roof lining. I'm 5'7", so goodness knows how tall people fold themselves in.

19 July 2010

Its also had poor reviews in the US-home of the Hybrid. I'm curious why Honda, home to such amazing engineers have come to the market with such a poor hybrid. Looks like Toyota caught them totally unawares. Have we not moaned about Honda suspension for years? Its OK in the US where they are used to either soft suspension but even the Civic was berated for its crashing chassis. If Honda ever wants to compete with the Europeans on more than just great reliability and better than Toyota/Nissan design (just) then maybe a bid for Aston Martin would get them some more expertise that is absent worldwide. The suspension department in Honda must be a lonely unloved place....

19 July 2010

Nice interior. I hope the seats have proper incremental adjustment unlike some other Honda models.

By the way there is a typo 'HVH' should read 'NVH'.

19 July 2010

Consumer Report in the US reckoned the first version was downright dangerous because of poor handling. We've got a Jazz which is fine in most respects but the steering has a horrible feel to it. When you consider the amount of work and effort that goes into designing and producing a new car why on earth dont they get a senior engineer who enjoys driving to sign them off? Is there some rare individual at Ford who can do this? I would think it just requires some enthusiasm and an engineering degree.

19 July 2010

Not all Hondas have "interesting" suspension characteristics. The 99 Accord facelift took it to nearly as good as the 01 Mondeo and was excellent for a comfortable FWD largish car. The last-gen Civic wasn't bad at all, the last-gen Accord was absolutely cracking, if a little firm. Generally when Honda have double wishbones at the front and multi-link at the back they create something special - with macpherson struts and a torsion bar they seem to create dogs.

19 July 2010

"These changes are not available as a retro-fit to current Insight owners"Quote

Does this mean current cars will not be up-graded FOC or that is is not phisically possible to up-grade current cars ?


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