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Reborn car maker invites customers to provide green vision

General Motors has published some of its designs for more eco-friendly cars on one of its blogs.

One concept the firm is considering is called “Bare Necessities"; it centres on binning all unnecessary luxuries from cars and trucks.

Customers have been invited to talk on a microsite, dubbed “The Lab”, about what they would like to see sacrificed in the name of improved fuel economy.

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A number of the blog's users have commented with suggestions ranging from losing carpets and chrome to using composite materials for the bodywork.

Some people have recommended using diesel motors and utilising better aerodynamics for small trucks. The aim is for designers and engineers to get a feel for what the customers want. They may then use some of the suggestions on future cars.

As part of the restructuring of GM, company bosses are now looking to include customers as much as possible in model planning.

“Our customers are the reason we’re here. It’s critical to have their voices help shape our products, and their experience with them,” said Henderson. “Their feedback helps us learn and evolve so we can continuously improve our cars and trucks, and our customer relationships.”

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