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Design house creates shooting brake version of Continental GTC

The Bentley Continental Flying Star by Touring has been unveiled at the Geneva motor show.

Designed by the Touring Superleggera design studios, the car is loosely based on the Continental GTC chassis and is said to "combine the functionality and elegance of the shooting brake body with the driving experience of Bentley."

It features an all-new body from the A-pillar back and has a two-metre load capacity, which can take 1200 litres of the luggage with the rear seats down. It has been built to EU approval.

Design highlights include two completely foldable individual rear seats, which can create a plain loading space over two metres long. The bodywork includes steel rear wings, extended roof paneling, aluminum door skins and an all-alloy, electric powered tailgate. The conversion is available with the standard 6.0-litre W12 engine or the GTC Speed's more powerful variant.

Just 20 cars will be built, with Touring Superleggera saying prices will vary according to buyer's individual demands.

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Rover P6 3500S 17 February 2010

Re: Bentley Continental Flying Star

Oh yeah, the Avon XJ6 - not one of the best. I'd like to get one and take it to Lynx in Hastings, get them to re-do the conversion along the lines of the Eventer...

roverfan1984 11 February 2010

Re: Bentley Continental Flying Star

Rover P6 3500S wrote:
Feedback, please?

They both look brilliant- thats very good photoshopping, they look like they could easily be real photos. & both cars look very stylish, they could easily be factory jobs, they dont have that "aftermarket" look about them at all (like the real life Arnage estate!)

I do like the idea of limited-production luxury shooting brake conversions, although they dont all turn out as nicely styled as your photoshops:

What an absolutely awful conversion of a very stylish car!!!

fuzzybear 10 February 2010

Re: Bentley Continental Flying Star

Rover P6 3500S wrote:
I also did a rough chop of the new Rolls-Royce Ghost, which is here:

Feedback, please? I know the filename looks broken, but copy-n-paste should work. If not, after "", the full suffix is albums/p182/Eccentricrichard/RollsGhostWagon-01.jpg

There you go!

Looks good. I think the Silver Ghost lends itself better to the shootbrake/estate idea with its shoulder lines. I think nowadays alot of car makers are accentuating a much smaller side window. I think it would suit that more, with a larger c pillar- sorta like if the rear quarter window was extended out to the same degree as perhaps the original Lexus IS wagon. If that makes sense