Four-seat electric concept unveiled at Frankfurt motor show
Richard Bremner Autocar
15 September 2009

This is the Peugeot BB1 electric concept car, which has been unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show.

The two-door four-seater is 2.5 metres long, and has an electric range of 75 miles.

Peugeot says its priority was to create a versatile, compact and manoeuverable vehicle.

The four adults sit tandem fashion, with the rear seat occupants' legs wrapping around the torso of the front passengers in the same way that a pillion sits behind the rider of a motobike.

The BB1's occupants also adopt the posture of bike riders, their seats providing no more than vestigial backrests, this packaging being the key to the Peugeot's provision of four seats. As with a bike, the driver steers via a pair of handlebars, which rotates through 40 degrees each way for a very compact seven-metre turning circle.

BB1 is propelled by two rear-mounted in-wheel electric motors co-developed with tyre-maker Michelin, which has been working on this technology for some years.

Each motor develops 20bhp peak power, but more significantly, 236lb ft at each wheel. No wonder designer Yann Pissonier, who has driven the prototype, describes BB1's acceleration as 'vivacious'.

It's top speed is currently 56mph and range is 75 miles from its under-seat lithium-ion batteries, but those figures are likely to improve with development.

A Peugeot spokesman describes the project as 'very serious', hinting at production. Intriguingly, he also described the BB1 as being on the edge of qualifying as a quadricycle, and believes that it will need a new homologation classification.

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Peugeot's motorbike division has played a key role in the concept's development, its tubular steel understructure similar to a motorbike's. The concept's body is carbonfibre, contributing to its low 550kg weight, though a production version would be clothed in different materials to reduce costs - a rough price for this city transport would be half the price of the Mitsubishi-based Peugeot Ion, at 15,000 euros (£13,000).

Sitting in the BB1 is impressive, for the 'bike seating position as well as the unexpected impression of space, part-provided by the glass roof, but also the compactness of its saddle-like seats.

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14 September 2009

What's that??? A Dyson vacuum cleaner??

15 September 2009

Well that looks funky! One up on a smart for sure. If its heading for production i wonder what its based on. I doubt its anything to do with the 107, I doubt the deal with Toyota would let them use it for anything else, and everything else they make is far too big.

I want to know more.

15 September 2009

hmm when i saw the image i was interested in its style and possible substance, but then i saw it was a 4 seater and lost interest. the fact is small car for the future needs to be a 1 seater, maybe 2 seat for the premium models, all the others will be family cars for customers that really do have a family of kids that need transporting.

we do need cars that are like scooters, for 1 person, very small and light and cheap to run, but safe as they have 4 wheels, and are practical as they are rainproof and can carry a bag or 2.

there is a market for millions of cars sales that is not even being acknowledged.

gordon murray is going the right way, but even he has made his quite large, room for 3 people with good packaging, possibly ugly though, but i reckon you could make something quite sporty and stlyish if it was shaped for just 1 adult occupant. it could be sleek and edgy.

man needs a horse again, a horse had 4 legs not 2.

15 September 2009

[quote beachland2] hmm when i saw the image i was interested in its style and possible substance, but then i saw it was a 4 seater and lost interest. [/quote]

I doubt whether it is. It is probably less of a 4 seater than the iQ. And I agree anyway although I think 2 seats are probably more useful than one

15 September 2009

Looks like a smart car in reverse. Hideous!!

Just proves the Peugeot styling boys have totally lost the plot.

15 September 2009

Talk about being unconventional and scary at the same time; also looks like that at the time of final assembly, they put the top the in reverse configuration.

15 September 2009

[quote DeeDah]Just proves the Peugeot styling boys have totally lost the plot.[/quote]

couldn't agree more. Have you seen the back of the 308 and infact the front! Its mouth is big enough to swallow school children

16 September 2009

What a cool little jigger! The view from the interior is rather cool. I think people are going to be all AAAH THIS HIDEOUS but it is a concept car people!

16 September 2009

If you wanted seats like a bike, handlebars like a bike, and didn't want to look a complete idiot in a 'which is the front - kind of car', wouldn't you buy a bike?

16 September 2009

[quote Article]Yann Pissonier[/quote]

That's a Sniff Petrol name, surely. Piss-on-yer?


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