Hotter, limited edition Ford Focus to be launched next week
26 March 2010

The limited edition Ford Focus RS500, which has close to 350bhp, will be launched next week.

The car's existence has been confirmed by a Ford microsite, which shows the RS500 being driven round its Lommel Proving Ground in Belgium.

See the Ford Focus RS500 teaser video

The car has been created in response to public demand, and the growing market of aftermarket tuners offering tuned cars with up to 400bhp.

The RS500 is expected to remain as practical as the current RS, keeping its rear seats, but it will be differentiated with a more extreme look, including a large rear wing that can be seen at the start of the video.

The Mk2 Ford Focus RS is limited to 8000 models, with 4000 destined for the UK. Logic suggests the RS500 will be limited to 500 examples.

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26 March 2010

More extreme-looking than the standard RS? Well, the RS isn't exactly understated...

26 March 2010

[quote Rover P6 3500S]More extreme-looking than the standard RS? Well, the RS isn't exactly understated...[/quote]

Rumours suggest a matt black paint job, probably some black alloys and a new tail.

26 March 2010

Assume this will compete with the forthcoming Impreza Cosworth.

26 March 2010

350bhp and FWD. Hmmmm...

Given that the standard RS already struggles to get its power down whats the point giving it more power? Surely a reduced weight stripped-out version would have been better.

At current Ford prices it will probably cost about £33,000.

How they will make it more extreme looking - A bonnet mounted missile launcher?

I didnt realise Ford had limited RS production - Is that 4000 uk sales per year or in total?

26 March 2010

[quote Quattro369]I didnt realise Ford had limited RS production - Is that 4000 uk sales per year or in total?[/quote]

Ford limit their run on all RS models which is to do with why they're sought after and depreciation on them tends to be minimal (for a Ford).

The 4,000 units is in total, the RS500 is expected to be in addition to that 4,000 with 100 or so coming to the UK in right hand drive.

The price seems to be a little optimistic to me though!

Scouting around, the word is that this will come with pre-installed mountune upgrades including performance, suspension set up and light weight alloys also in black. If this is the case then it will be a mean machine for sure!

27 March 2010

Deep pocket time again!,it'll eat tyres like the first Volvo's turbo nutter car of the nineties and will get into the hands of people who can afford it but haven't got the talent or sense to drive it, ok that's maybe a bit harsh but nowadays there are some people who can afford even more exotic cars than this all you've got to do is pass the driving test and 30 minutes later you could be buying a Porsche!, it'll sell no question to the Ford faithful but i still think there needs to be some restrictions on what you can drive straight away.

Peter Cavellini.

27 March 2010

I dont understand fords performance car strategy, they make a 350bhp focus, yet the most powerful fiesta is what about 110bhp, with a 180bhp ST to come but not currently. Where is the 230bhp RS fiesta? where is the 135-160bhp Ka?

28 March 2010

along time ago ford ditched all the xr3i, rs turbo, xr2 etc, as it was playing havoc with the insurance premiums, and the ' boy racer ' image. i wonder why they are going down the same route again.


28 March 2010

They ditched them because they weren't selling. The RS is.

28 March 2010

[quote Johnnytheboy]They ditched them because they weren't selling. The RS is.[/quote]


There isnt a RS Fiesta, RS Ka, RS Mondeo etc....


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