Next-gen Focus will get a high-performance variant, Ford has confirmed
3 March 2010

A high-performance variant of Ford’s next-generation Focus will make production, the company has confirmed.

Speaking on the eve of the Geneva motor show, Ford’s Derrick Kuzak confirmed there would be a “global performance model” of Ford’s new Focus. He also confirmed the car would get the firm’s new Ecoboost technology and would be “exciting to drive and great to look at”.

Ford insiders say the firm has yet to decide whether the next performance Focus will get the ST or RS badge. Insiders have also said there will be a coupe variant of the next Focus, so this could form the basis of the performance model.

The performance variant is expected to be front-wheel drive and powered by a turbocharged petrol engine, as in the current RS. Power from the engine is likely to be around 250bhp, and Ford insiders claim hybrid technology could be used to boost its power output.

The next-generation Focus will go on sale in late 2011, although no time scale has been put on the launch of the performance version. Jost Capito, Ford’s performance car chief, is the man who will be responsible for developing the new Focus variant.

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1 March 2010

Normally, the RS version is a hand made afterthought that follows several years later at consderable cost. Whilst they are excellent, they probably don't make money for the company.

Now that the RS is part of the lineup from the start, either the cooking Focus will benefit from some RS engineering to make the RS viable on a normal production line, or they will sanitise the RS to acheive the same.

Problem with the current car is that it is too expensive for a Focus but on the money for its performance. Put simply a Focus is not special enough to cost nearly £30k but a Golf can be. In this respect any new Focus RS has to be best in class for performance and desirability.

1 March 2010

" In this respect any new Focus RS has to be best in class for performance and desirability."

AND no DOUBT all the mags will go ga ga over it, and then will suddenly realize its not much different than any performance VW or Renault.

Question: by 2014 will Ford be able to remove the torque steer? Like EVERYBODY else will by then if not by now. The Focus RS, its towering driving position, poor quality compared to VW, and torque steer is getting old fast. j

1 March 2010

I beg to differ!!! for a start vw (inc the golf) dont do so well in realiabilty reports,JD inc,in germany the focus came out higher in realiabilty comparisons against the golf !!.....lets be clear also about torque steer,you can have this in a f/w drive car with far less power than the focus or renault but considering there much greater power it is acceptable..infact i would want some to tell me whats going on with the front end!!!...the golf is to boring for me ,same old shape year in year out,vast amounts of drab black thanks,yes the rs is not perfect but everytime i see one (more & more lately) i have to take a second look & listen...the sound track when given some stick is wonderful.thats why the majority of testers love it over any other hot hatch even if its not the most sensible choice,cause it makes you want to get in it and drive it with a big grin on your face....long live the rs.

1 March 2010

We're meant to be talking about the new one, but in answer to the above:

1. If the RS is overpriced for a Focus, why is it selling so well?

2. In my first 2,000 miles of ownership I may have experienced a single manifestation of - slight - torque steer.

1 March 2010

[quote jl4069]

Question: by 2014 will Ford be able to remove the torque steer?


Another question: given the current rate of price increases, will Fords cost about the same as your average Boeing by 2014?

1 March 2010

I don't care how good it is - no 5 pot engine, no sale.

1 March 2010

i'm not impressed with the looks of this car for the money and at the end of the day its still a Ford!

1 March 2010

[quote Johnnytheboy]1. If the RS is overpriced for a Focus, why is it selling so well?[/quote]

They build all of the cars they can sell. This is one case where they don't build for stock.

1 March 2010

[quote VX220EDDIE]i'm not impressed with the looks of this car for the money and at the end of the day its still a Ford! [/quote]

Nothing wrong with a £30k Ford, but the Focus is simply not a quality product that justifies the price.

It's a shame the 3 door Focus is sull a dull looking car and the RS bodykit is like putting a tutu on a pig.

1 March 2010

The same justification for a £30k focus also applies to a £40k golf.


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