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Plug-in hybrid saloon edges closer to production

Fisker Automotive has moved a step closer to bringing its plug-in hybrid Karma to market by signing 32 dealerships in the US.

The car maker expects to begin production of its sleek $87,900 (£60,100) saloon at the end of this year and it will introduce a folding hard-top Karma S in 2011.

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The 100mpg Karma runs on electric motors powered by lithium ion batteries, but it also benefits from a petrol engine-powered generator that extends its range.

Fisker hopes to have 40 dealerships signed up by the end of June, and expects to sell around 15,000 Karmas a year in total.

It claims that many of the new dealerships are family-owned and says that they currently sell everything from Toyotas and Volvos to Hummers and Porsches. There will be dealerships in 16 states, with eight in green car-loving California alone.

Fisker board member Vic Doolan guided the development of the company’s retail network. He says that by using existing dealerships, the company avoided the trouble of building up a sales force.

"Our retail partners are our most important assets," he added. "To our customers, they are the face of the company. For that reason, we've chosen those who will give Fisker owners the comfort and confidence to drive the future."

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