Currently reading: Fisker Karma cleaner than Prius
Four-door sports car emits just 83g/km of CO2

The Fisker Karma hybrid will emit a Toyota Prius-beating 83g/km of CO2 despite its near-supercar performance, the company has announced.

Pitched at the four-door sports car segment that is soon to be populated by the Aston Rapide and Porsche Panamera, the Karma will also be one of the cleanest cars ever built.

Powered by a 394bhp hybrid motor, the car will hit 60mph in less than six seconds and cruise at its 125mph top speed.

However, it will also beat the Prius’s headline-grabbing 89g/km CO2 figure. A pure-electric range of around 50 miles is predicted.

The Fisker Karma can also reportedly return 100mpg and has a 620-mile range when used in hybrid mode. It makes its German debut at the Frankfurt motor show next week.

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AwakeSpectator 10 September 2009

Re: Fisker Karma cleaner than Prius

With the exception of the front grille, it's an amazing looking car. If one could just successfully remove that grille from the image received in the eye, then it's an almost perfect car in terms of the way it looks; whereas, a Prius continues to remain a complete assault on an automotive fan's ability to appreciate a good design no matter how green it may, which in itself is a questionable issue.

FiskerAutomotive 10 September 2009

Re: Fisker Karma cleaner than Prius

Great news that Toyota will be introducing a plug-in hybrid concept. We're just flattered the company has taken notice of what our small team is doing to complete our production plug-in hybrid.

ThwartedEfforts 9 September 2009

Re: Fisker Karma cleaner than Prius

In tooting your horn, Mr Brownlee, you forgot to mention the gulf between the two cars in terms of price and performance: the Karma will be 911 money in addition to being 911 fast.

A comparison with the Toyota was merely to demonstrate how cleanly it goes about its business, not to suggest Prius buyers might be tempted in lashing out an additional £40,000 on the brisk Fisker.

You should just be chuffed your product remains an emissions benchmark.