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V12-engined GT to get handling pack and extreme 'XX' variant

Ferrari will fight ebbing global demand for its most expensive metal by launching two new 599s at next week’s Geneva motor show.

The firm will announce specific details about the 599's Handling GT Evoluzione package (pictured here) on Tuesday. It’s expected to include new lightweight split-rim alloy wheels, shorter springs, higher-rate dampers and more track-oriented tyres than the standard model's. Changes to the steering, braking and transmission systems could also be included.

An ‘HGTE’-equipped 599 will be on show on Ferrari’s Geneva show stand, painted in a new triple-layer coat of Rosso paint.

Next to the 599 ‘HGTE’, the firm will give its new 599XX its world debut. It's a technical prototype of the V12-engined two-seater that will allow a select group of Ferrari customers to experience the firm’s very latest F1-derived engine, gearbox and chassis technology.

Following the lead of the Enzo-based FXX programme, examples of the 599XX are likely to be offered to a very limited number of clients, who will probably only ever drive them alongside Ferrari’s technicians at specially organised track days around Europe, experiencing the firm’s very latest technology, which will be fitted to their cars as it is developed.

The 599XX project cars probably won’t be road legal, and they are likely to be stored at Ferrari’s factory rather than retained by their owners between track sessions. However, those owners should gain an insight into the Prancing Horse’s newest technological breakthroughs, years before those systems are rolled out onto production models.

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