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Subtle front and rear styling changes to performance flagship; softer, more luxurious Spec M planned

These spy pictures reveal Nissan is planning some subtle styling upgrades for its GT-R flagship.

The light disguise at the front covers up minor changes to the front bumper, including wider horizontal air intakes.

At the rear the GT-R gets a new integrated diffuser, as well as tweaks to the rear bumper and new quad exhaust tips.

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Our spy photographer said the model spied here is the new Spec M variant, a softer riding version of the GT-R conceived as a grand tourer. The Spec M is expected to be the first model to get the styling upgrades in 2011/12, although the standard GT-R and Spec V models will also get the changes.

The Spec M was tipped for launch at the Tokyo motor show last year but never materialised. Little is on record from Nissan about the Spec M, asides from the fact its interior will be more luxurious, and less sports orientated than the other two models in the range featuring higher quality materials, too.

It will also get revised suspension geometry for a softer ride, although its V6 engine is expected to remain stock. Spec M-exclusive exterior colours are also expected to be offered.

The Spec M is likely to be offered as a limited edition mode, priced between the Spec V and standard GT-R at around £100,000.

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beachland2 25 June 2010

Re: Facelifted Nissan GT-R spied

do we have data that it is selling below projected figures quoted by nissan?

Los Angeles 25 June 2010

Re: Facelifted Nissan GT-R spied

Guffria wrote:
how many 911's have been released in that time? About 4, 5, 6, 7?
Porche have had 40 years developing the 911, and receiving high praise for their accomplishments a lot of the time. They are justified in creating new editions. And Nissan has every right to refresh a disappointingly selling vehicle.

You can stick with your "badge snobbery." I'll stick with mine.

Guffria 24 June 2010

Re: Facelifted Nissan GT-R spied

HUH? another version? what 2 cars in 2 years that's loads is it... how many 911's have been released in that time? About 4, 5, 6, 7? And lose weight sorry but it's still killing cars 200KG less and 100-200+ bhp and you're talking about losing weight. And upping the price? yes and? considering it's killed the new 997.2 911 Turbo that's oh what 45K more than it and you lot are complaining about the price. Get off you're badge high horses snobery and bow down to the best supercar in history for the price doing what no other car has EVER done with it's weight bhp and torque figures... Pathetic!!!