Autocar gets an exclusive drive in the next-generation Accord
25 October 2007

We've just driven Honda's new iDTEC diesel engine installed in the current Accord. This will go on sale as the range-topping diesel unit in the all-new Accord due next summer.It's still a 2.2-litre, but heavily modified, with improved combustion and a particulate filter. And this time round there will be two states of tune: the lower-powered one promises around 155bhp and will also have the option of an auto 'box for the first time. The meatier engine is likely to be a manual-only at launch, and you'll get 180bhp to play with. Both engines are promising more refinement and more punch than the current 140bhp motor, although an insider admitted that they are unlikely to serve up extra economy and lower emissions as the new Accord is lardier than the current one.On the move the new diesel feels like a sophisticated device. Less noise filters into the cabin than with the current diesel engine, and it settles down to become an extremely quiet cruiser, especially the lower-powered car. Both engines felt usefully punchier too, even with the smooth-shifting auto fitted; that's likely to be tempered a little by the new Accord's extra weight.Either way it's further proof that despite a late start Honda is really getting to grips with diesel. Our quick test track drive proved that its capable of matching BMW, Audi and Merc for performance and refinement. If the next year's Accord is as good as its diesel engine, it's likely to be some car.


Price: £18,000(est)0-60mph: 9.0 secTop Speed: 130mphCombined MPG: 51.0CO2: 145 g/kmPower: 180bhp at 4000rpmTorque: 320 lb ft at 2000rpm

Our Verdict

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord has a comfortable interior, but it's a forgettable drive with a fiddly dash

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25 October 2007

Sounds excellent.

But of course it fares well against the so-called premium German opposition.

Isn't the current Accord's engin as refined as the 3-series' and better then both the A4's and the C-class'.

It keeps on amazing me that professional journalist keep on distincting "premium"-brad cars from the others. I understand that common people who don't know about cars, but all the more about snobism do so.

For a journalist being objective seems like a nice quality to me.

I'm not saying you are not, but...

Personally I find the outgoing A4 driving and sounding like a tractor if I compare it with an Accord. I can't say the same of a 3-series; although I'm not impressed with it either. And as far as the latter is concerned: I'm quite sure that if it wore a "KIA" badge most people would (finally) admit finding it a dreadfully ugly car (especially the saloon).

But indeed, if the new engine is even better then the current one and the Accord itself evolves with a similar margin, then it will be SOME car (and forget about premium then).

25 October 2007

[quote nh]

Isn't the current Accord's engin as refined as the 3-series' and better then both the A4's and the C-class'.

It keeps on amazing me that professional journalist keep on distincting "premium"-brad cars from the others. I understand that common people who don't know about cars, but all the more about snobism do so.


With all due respect do you say you actually know about cars? If you look at the facts you will see that the diesel unit in a C-Class is better than the Accord's engine. Although the C-Class' diesel has less cubic capacity it is far more powerful, torquier and faster than the Accord while obtaining similar fuel economy figures. Also, the C-Class disel unit is at least 2dB quieter at 70mph according to Autocar's test figures, and not as you say, less refined than an Accord.

Of course, the Mercedes presents a hefty premium over the Accord, so does I sometimes doubt whether it justifies them. When I look at the facts, however, there is no doubt that it justifies them fully. And not only because of the engine.

So, at the end of the day, would I buy a C-Class over an Accord? Of course I would.


- Follow your own star -


25 October 2007

So, you drive a c-class...

Mine is a civic 1.7 ctdi. I'm waiting for my (Belgian) Full option Accord i-ctdi.

My Civic's done 220.000km now. Apart from oil and tyre changes, it has not been at the garage :-) And the costs I had; they were low.

Coming from Volvo, I'm truly amazed.

And no, I am not objective. Because my Civic is... amazing.

I often drive a 320 (past gen). And apart from rear wheel drive, it shares with a 1974 Peugeot 504 2.1 GLD... a shaking gearlever. That's nice!

And your C? Check out American valuantions of the (Euro Accord) Acura TSX vs. 3-series and c-class and eat your heart out. But it might be more quiet, for road and wind noise. Engine, though? Dream on. And you're happy? That's great. I wouldn't be.

25 October 2007

Disappointed Honda didn't make it lighter than the last - I expected better from them.

2 November 2007

Given that the current diesel engine in the accord is the first stab at diesel by Honda, it's an excellent unit. Note, the gemans have been making diesels for decades, therefore should be good!!! The Honda unit although less powerful now, when launched was competitive with the established, but more free reving and with better refinement and competitive fuel effeciency.

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