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Fiat's Compact Wide architecture, used on the Alfa Giulietta, will spawn a small Dodge saloon

Dodge will be the first Chrysler brand to launch a model based on a Fiat platform, Sergio Marchionne has revealed.

The Fiat and Chrysler Group CEO said the new small Dodge saloon would be based on Fiat’s Compact Wide architecture, also used on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta (pictured).

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The model will be available in the US from late 2011 and would ultimately replace the Caliber in Dodge’s line-up when that car is phased out from mid-2012.

Marchionne described the Giulietta and its architecture “as the most advanced mass-produced car Fiat has ever had” and “at Chrysler, Dodge will use it”.

Marchionne said a variant of the new saloon capable of 48mpg would also be made available as part of plans to improve the economy and reduce CO2 emissions of Chrysler’s vehicles.

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RadeB 30 October 2010

Re: Dodge's new Fiat-based saloon

fhp11 wrote:
Fiat are taking a completley different approach. Chrysler and Fiat are moving forward as equal companies, each company having access to the latest tech and no company being "favourite" or getting preferential tech access.

I agree with you. Chrysler is already developing new V6 engine with Fiat technology.It's the 3.3L (instead of old one 3.6L) engine with MultiAir tech. with 275HP. This engine will be shared between Chrysler's new models and new coming Giulia in 2012.I just hope that Chrysler models will have sufficient self identity so Alfa Romeo can be well recognized on US market, as it was in the past.

crashbangwallop 30 October 2010

Re: Dodge's new Fiat-based saloon

Just because you can't construct a rational argument is no reason to resort to insults, Are you suggesting all the US brands are in much cheaper markets. I could have mentioned Caddy to back up the general comment.. Rover and Austin are gone because they were rubbish, Dacia a subsiduary,

As for your US champion examples, these are not brands they are limited run specials Saleen, Shelby, Tesla, Corvette and certainly the Tesla is a ridiculous, shed built effort but priced like a Ferrari.

Mcgoonagall 26 October 2010

Re: Dodge's new Fiat-based saloon

pabs wrote:
well, we know what Brighton is famous for, don't we darling
Really???? Do we need well thought out, considered, rational comments like this?????