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Porsche confirmed it will make a Cayenne that'll be powered by a 3.0-litre V6 turbodiesel

After years of rumours, Porsche has confirmed that the Cayenne will be available with a diesel engine from March 2009.The new unit will be sourced from Porsche’s fellow Volkswagen Group subsidiary Audi and is likely to be a version of the company’s 3.0-litre V6 TDI – as also found in the Cayenne’s Q7 cousin. It will have around 240bhp and 400lb ft of torque.Porsche had apparently planned to reveal its diesel Cayenne in January 2009, alongside the facelifted version of the Boxster. But Stuttgart’s sports car maker will now hold it back until later in the year to give the updated entry-level Boxster the limelight.

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david RS 25 June 2008

Re: Diesel Cayenne arrives next year

Hello Autocar from France! As you say, Porsche Cayenne Diesel is announced!It is very disappointing to arrive there. The Cayenne lorry (!) hasn’t already its place in the Porsche range, then that Cayenne Diesel even less. When you buy Porsche, a car of character, it is in gasoline. I do not deny the efficiency of the Diesel (for the passengers cars or in competition, see Le Mans with Audi and Peugeot).Porsche declared recently and several times the lack of character of the Diesel. Cayenne Diesel will be certainly successful, but a good Diesel engine is far from the enjoyment of a good gasoline engine. It is not a question of performances; it is the way of delivering them. If you want to buy a Diesel SUV, Audi, BMW (regrettably also) and Mercedes makes that very well.It is a door which it’s opened … Later, why not a Diesel Panamera as says Roy. Light is right! To pollute less, make light! Why not a 911 with a small flat 6 2 litres with less than 1000 kg. Kind regards, David, a passionate of Porsche, not a shareholder. PS
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vik padesai 24 June 2008

Re: Diesel Cayenne arrives next year

I dont think people are putting this into perspective. I believe the sale of the Cayenne was not merely a car produced to display the pedigree of Porsche's performance car manufacturing. However it is a tool in which it can raise revenue to fund research and development into other areas, that will improve the brand overall (such as Direct Injection and PDK).

I therefore think the addition of a diesel to the Cayenne range is a beneficial exercise. There will be a whole new profile of customer that Porsche can target with the new engine (for instance company car buyers). More sales means more income for the firm which can only help the development of their range.

usherRR 24 June 2008

Re: Diesel Cayenne arrives next year

Such a sad, sad day for Porsche. A Cayenne with a borrowed Audi diesel engine that musters a mere 231bhp. A Porsche that produces barely 100bhp/tonne. The Cayenne is easy to dislike intensely, but i dont object to Porsche selling them to the morons that will buy them in order to provide the company with financial security to develop the rest of it's range as its pleases.. But a diesel Cayenne that will probably hit 60mph in little under 9 seconds is a step too far. That car displays the Porsche insignia that arguably holds the deepest and most prestigious history in the automotive world. Porsche has been making some really impressive strides in making its engines more environmentally friendly, why release an Audi engined Cayenne-TDI? Sickening. No doubt in that it will be a stunning financial success for Porsche but I really don’t think thats the point.