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Comapny to consider fitting ESP as standard on all vehicles

Citroen is to consider fitting ESP as standard on more of its vehicles, after its Nemo Multispace failed the so-called 'elk test'.

The testing, conducted by the German Automobile Association (ADAC) and Which?, involved driving the Nemo Multispace through an emergency obstacle avoidance manoeuvre at 50mph.

During the test, the car rolled over onto its roof.

A Citroen spokesman confirmed the incident, but cautioned that the elk test doesn't reflect real world driving conditions. "Our test procedures conducted in development reflect real-life avoidance tests combined with normal driving reactions," he said. "The elk test is extremely severe."

The spokesman confirmed that the 'elk test' wouldn't be a standard part of Citroen's testing procedures, despite its notoriety within the industry.

Peugeot confirmed that its Bipper Tepee would share the same handling characteristics as the Nemo, although it was not tested by ADAC for safety reasons. The Fiat Qubo, which is also based on the same platform, passed the test with a model fitted with ESP, but was not tested without it.

PSA, the parent company of Peugeot-Citroen, has responded by announcing it will fit ESP to both the Nemo and Bipper as standard by autumn 2011 at the latest.

At present, ESP is not available on any Nemos or Bippers, and as a cost option on diesel-powered Qubos.

The Citroen spokesman confirmed that the company would review its policy on ESP, which is not fitted to some models in its range, or is offered as a cost-option only.

"It is clearly an issue we are aware of and considering," he said.

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david RS 28 April 2010

Re: Citroen Nemo fails 'elk test'

ESP is a progress.

The revolution was still the ABS. The ABS brought a great contribution to the active safety. Make tests on track, you'll be convinced.

I regret that many brands don't offer a genuine disconnectable ESP. Even on the 911 (except the GTx) it isn't disconnectable! A crime, no?

When you cross areas inhabited by animals, first adapt your speed.

Because, ESP or not, people react almost always wrong and too late.

In all cases, don't fear a rollover

fast ed 28 April 2010

Re: Citroen Nemo fails 'elk test'

Will86 wrote:

So would you rather not have ESP?

Good driver training is key, but everyone will one day come across something unexpected on the road and ESP could make the difference between a minor scare and having a serious accident. I agree it should not be used to make poor handling cars safe as clearly there is an underlying problem, but as an additional safety feature it could be invaluable.

I have only needed ESP once (snow excluded) but I was very glad it was there.

I cannot stand ESP, My cars in the past have had it, and I switched it off if I was making progress, as they have a tendency to mask any feedback you might get from the car.

My Racing Kart does not have it (0-100 = 6 secs, top end 170)

In the recent snow, my traction control was switched off, so I could steer the car using the thottle (my car is RWD), Driver training is key, unfortunetly most people cannot control a sliding car, they panic, do the wrong thing and crash.

Because ESP is seen as a safety feature, people rely on it to get them out of trouble.

As a question, anyone know how quick a porsche can stop. I did a quick check about a Cayman the other day, 100-0 in 93metres (assuming perfect conditions)

As a side note I have covered in excess of 1Million miles in the last 20yrs, in my job as a systems engineer covering the UK.

Rover P6 3500S 28 April 2010

Re: Citroen Nemo fails 'elk test'

Bogwoppit wrote:
Will the Ex 205 GTi drivers please stop wetting themselves laughing, yes we have all gone soft.

I'm wetting myself laughing, and the 205 I drove for a bit (again, one of the parental fleet) was not a GTi, it was the rather lovely 1.4 litre Roland Garros special edition, in metallic dark green with white leather seats and cloth inlay... I normally hate FWD, but it was an absolute hoot to drive. Now sadly sold. I'll have to see if I can find another...