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German tuner launches adaptable lowering kit for air-suspended Mercedes models

German tuning company Carlsson has developed an intelligent, adaptive lowering kit for air-suspended Mercedes models.

The suspension, called C-Tronic, automatically raises the car’s ride height if it detects a rough road surface.

C-Tronic can also, uniquely, be switched off by the driver, returning the ride height of the car to its original factory levels.

When the car is switched off, the suspension system goes into a ‘sleep’ mode, lowering to its fullest extent, and switching off to preserve the car’s battery.

The C-Tronic suspension system is available for both the new and old E-class, the CLS, the S-class, CL coupe, SL, R-class and the ML and GL SUVs. The cost is around £1035 plus fitting.

Matt Rigby

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