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Right-hooker versions of Chevrolet Camaro on the way; cabrio concept for London motor show

Chevrolet has confirmed that the new Camaro will be converted to right-hand drive for the European market where it will steal a march on the Ford Mustang.

Wayne Brannon, Chief Executive of Chevrolet Europe, said, “We can have a maximum of 1000 right-hand-drive coupés, and 1000 right-hand drive cabriolets, so the UK should get a good number of models.”

Exact numbers of the 400bhp, 6.0-litre Camaro due to be officially imported to the UK are undecided, but senior sources suggest that it will be about 300 units of each variant.

British enthusiasts will get their first opportunity to see the new Camaro cabriolet at this year’s London motor show, where the American company will have a big presence. It is also likely that the Excel event will reveal whether the Camaro is to get the Chevrolet badge or remain a standalone brand, in the same way as Corvette.

The company had planned not to brand the Camaro with the Chevrolet name in order to preserve the firm’s budget philosophy. But with new plans being implemented to expand the range, sources have said that that the new model is likely to get the Chevrolet name and be sold through Chevrolet dealerships.

Expect UK sales of the Camaro coupe to begin in early 2010, with the convertible to follow later. Prices are still unconfirmed but they will exceed those of the £35,695 Vauxhall VXR8.

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Seren Kuhanandan 2 June 2008

Re: Camaro gets right-hand drive

Isn't the Camaro off the Commodore platform?

If the Camaro gets the OK for right hand drive, then there won't be room for Holden's Coupé 60.

Phinehas 2 June 2008

Re: Camaro gets right-hand drive

I don't agree that it will fail. No, it won't be up to European expectations, but neither is the Mustang or the 300 and you see plenty of them around. Their target sales are small and there are sufficient people around with enough desire to sell these - even in these benighted times.

Personally, I don't want one, can't afford one and won't get one, but I'd love to see the odd one around - but then again I live in Spain and there's one Mustang and two 300s on this island, so I'll probably have a long wait.

jackjflash 2 June 2008

Re: Camaro gets right-hand drive

Big mistake GM, this car will get hammered by the europress. This will be a matter of the wrong car in the wrong market at the wrong time; the Vauxhall already fills this segment nicely.