American luxury icon planning to offer a full range of cars in the UK, including diesel and right-hand drive models.

Cadillac is set to offer a full model line-up in Europe, according to GM president Dan Ammann, including “diesel and right-hand drive”.

Ammann said Cadillac is mulling over a new approach to its European business that will attempt to take advantage of the fact that it is a niche brand by offering “exceptional service”.

Ammann also confirmed that the rumoured new flagship model is on its way. The model will sit above the recently revealed CT6, which competes with the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and is believed to be a larger saloon. The company is also in the throes of launching a more powerful version of its high-performance CTS-V saloon.

Cadillac currently has a nominal presence in the UK, with one outlet in Surrey. That single dealer sells the ATS, CTS, SRX and Escalade model ranges, but all are left-hand drive only and without diesel options.

However, the brand is trying to rekindle impetus in its home market and establish itself as a business separate from the rest of General Motors before it further asserts itself in the UK.

The high-tech CT6 is the beginning of a regeneration process that is designed to turn today’s slow-selling range into appealing and capable products.

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Cadillac Escalade

The Cadillac Escalade keeps the old-school chassis, but gets lots of new tech. Is that enough to make it sensible to buy one here in the UK?

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24 July 2015
They'll include RHD as well? How astute of them! This is the 3rd time Cadillac has tried to 'get' Europe and unless they can offer the ATS and CTS with sensible diesels and the right bodystyles at sub-Audi pricing, they'll fail again. The CTS in particular needs a high-output diesel, too, which they lost from VM after GM collapsed. Really, Cadillac should have been offering these things here already, but better late than never.

24 July 2015
We just relocated to California for a three year work assignment from the UK.

We mulled over what vehicle to get - do we fly the British flag and be 'stiff upper lip'-type Brits and so drive a Jag/Mini/Range Rover, or do we take the once-in-a-lifetime chance and buy god ole' piece of Americana?

We opted for the latter, and after looking at the GMC Terrain, the Jeep Cherokee and a Ford Escape, settled on a Cadillac SRX. It's roughly the size - or maybe a tad larger - than a Range Rover Evoque, and has a gutsy V6 3.6 litre V6 engine.

It is actually, truly, not a bad car - in the context of being in California, that is. It is certainly much, much better than we expected. It rides very comfortably - as you would expect in a Cadillac - and, somewhat unexpectedly, the handing isn't too bad. Okay, it is a two-tonne 4WD, so it is never going to be a Porsche Boxster, but it is not anything like the sloppy hopeless Yank-Tank we were expecting. The interior is well thought out and whilst some plastics are a bit cheap, the leather is lovely and the hand stitching very nicely done, as is the real wood and aluminium trim - in fact I rate the quality of the stitching, the leather and the wood above BMW, if the plastics lag. The steering is very good, being nicely weighted and providing good feedback.

Our benchmark in the UK are BMWs (a F31 320d and a Z4). We have no regrets - best of all it can cope with the inevitable holiday visitors and their luggage.

In short - the Cadillac of today is not the Cadillac you might think. Approach with an open mind, and be surprised - provided the get the diesel right for the European market!

24 July 2015
Hi evanstim. I think you made a great choice by going for a American automobile for your Californian assignment. I'm a regular visitor to the country and always rent US cars, rather than the alternative Asian imports. US cars are perfectly set up for local roads and driving conditions. You can cover great distances in comfort without feeling fatigued. For example, Las Vegas to Los Angeles, a distance of 270 miles. We travelled this route last September in a cooking Mustang Convertible from Alamo. Once we got on the I15 interstate, I set the cruise control to 70mph and didn't touch the pedals for over two hours. Imagine that in the UK! I travelled half this distance here this morning, none on motorways, and was pretty tired when I finally got home. As to whether Cadillac will make it third(?) Time lucky in the UK, I guess it will depend entirely on how well they adapt the cars for our very different conditions and if they have the patience to build a brand identity and customer loyalty over many years (c.f. Lexus). After the way they messsed up previous attempts and squandered Saab's tremendous image and alienated its loyal customer base, I wouldn't bet the farm on their success. Anyway, enjoy your great adventure!

24 July 2015
Their European efforts might produce better results by putting more into aligning Buick with Opel/Vauxhall, with diesel and RHD versions of the Enclave and Avenir.

24 July 2015
Good news. I hope Cadillac give it a good go in Europe with a full rang - RHD included -, proper dealer line up and good value for money to help them take sales off the established premium brands in Europe.

The more choice in the market place, the better.

24 July 2015
Evanston, you know the SRX is a Vauxhall Antara don't you?? I like to rib Audi buyers for purchasing over priced Skoda's ..... !!!

I was hoping you were going to say you got something cool like the new ATS or CTS.

Needless to say, about time dumbass Cadillac managers! It is almost a shame that by the time they get them on sale diesels will be outlawed and the EU will force us to drive on the right.

24 July 2015
Cheltenhamshire, SRX is most definitely not related to the Astra!

The Buick Verano is the Astra rebadge...

24 July 2015
Cheltenhamshire wrote:

Evanston, you know the SRX is a Vauxhall Antara don't you??

It isn't. It has it's own platform, which is loosely based on the Epsilon 2 platform that underpins the Last Vectra, Saab 9-5 etc. The Antara is based on the Daewoo engineered platform Theta.

24 July 2015
superstevie wrote:
Cheltenhamshire wrote:

Evanston, you know the SRX is a Vauxhall Antara don't you??

It isn't. It has it's own platform, which is loosely based on the Epsilon 2 platform that underpins the Last Vectra, Saab 9-5 etc. The Antara is based on the Daewoo engineered platform Theta.

The SRX is on Theta as well !

24 July 2015
Dan Ammann? Silly name and a silly idea. How long have we heard this nonsense about Caddy in Europe? Just like the efforts from the far east it ain't going to work. Even if I were a fan of an expensive Vauxhall, the depreciation alone would put me off. An ultra cheap and basic car may work in India, it doesn't work in Europe. Likewise, an American Icon may work in North America... so keep it there.


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