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Performance Package Plus adds more power

Mercedes has introduced a power upgrade package for the C63 AMG.

The Mercedes C63 AMG with Performance Package Plus produces an additional 30bhp, taking its output to 480bhp.

Hi-res Mercedes C63 AMG with Performance Package Plus pictures

The power increase is achieved by modifications to the 6.3-litre engine, including used forged pistons designed for the SLS AMG supercar, plus new connecting rods and a lightweight crankshaft. The ECU is also modified.

The upgrade means the C63 AMG saloon accelerates from 0-62mph in 4.4sec - a tenth faster than the standard car. It is also 1.2sec faster to 124mph.

The tuning pack is available on saloon and estate models, and includes an AMG high performance brake system, a carbonfibre lip spoiler and a sportier steering wheel.

Prices in Europe start at 7080 euros (£6413).

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blasos1983 22 October 2009

Re: C63 AMG - now even quicker

scottMerc wrote:
Amazing machines that already trounce an M3

I guess you haven't seen the Top Gear test where the M3 was 5 seconds a lap faster than the C63 and the RS4. M3 is a league above the Merc, which is a very good car.

Lee23404 22 October 2009

Re:C63 AMG - now even quicker

Paul J wrote:

Lee23404 wrote:
You can never have too much power :-0

I used to think that until I'd been the passenger in a hot Westfield SEight. In the wet. Chris Smith said there's three ways to overtake: Leave it in top and feel the torque push you past them, drop it into 4th and frighten them as you pass or try 3rd and frighten yourself as you pass.

Lol. I said that a bit tongue in cheek. In reality, on the roads there's only so much power you can use.

I took a drip recently in a standard 997 Carrera and it was plenty fast enough. In fact at the time I thought that I couldn't really see how any more power could reasonably and safety be used on the roads. No need for that Turbo then.

Chunkster 22 October 2009

Re: C63 AMG - now even quicker

Why is the MCT gearbox absent from the performance package?