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Dodge offering two Avengers for the price of one
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7 November 2008

A car sales website is offering an unusual buy one, get one free offer on new Dodge Avengers. The unprecedented offer reflects the dire state of the stagnant new car market. is offering two top-spec Dodge Avenger SXT 2.4 saloons for the list price of one.

The Avenger SXT is meant to cost £18,255, although Chrysler dealers would undoubtedly knock a significant chunk off at the moment.

“Some manufacturers have got five to six months of unsold stock,” said Broadspeed director Simon Empson. “The motor trade is beyond desperate - it's in crisis.”

Import operations like Dodge in the UK have brought in large numbers of new cars that they are now struggling to sell.

AA spoksperson Vanessa Guyl described the offer as “almost unbelievable. Many within the industry will react with shock at this. There is no doubt the problems in the car market are severe and this shows that dealers are now being forced to offer extraordinary deals".

“Dealers have a lot of stock they cannot shift and clearly they are now prepared to do so at a loss.”

Will Powell


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MelFarquar 14 November 2008

Re: Buy one Avenger, get one free

I saw an article in the sun about the credit crunch and how desperate the car market is to attract buyers. Some of the deals are quite funny, not what you'd expect from this industry.

It discussed a site for i new car prices Found it useful to get some independant info on new car prices from a range of dealers.

ZM 13 November 2008

Re: Buy one Avenger, get one free

This is just yet another car from another irrelevant 'brand' that we just do NOT need here in the UK. Why do such manufacturers persist in bothering? They should just sit down, have a nice cup of tea, and then forget about selling such tosh over here. IMO, abot £9k is where this car needs to be RRP'd in the first place, and that's before any deals.

julianphillips 8 November 2008

Re: Buy one Avenger, get one free

I would've taken two Nitro's for the price of one.

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