Dodge offering two Avengers for the price of one
7 November 2008

A car sales website is offering an unusual buy one, get one free offer on new Dodge Avengers. The unprecedented offer reflects the dire state of the stagnant new car market. is offering two top-spec Dodge Avenger SXT 2.4 saloons for the list price of one.

The Avenger SXT is meant to cost £18,255, although Chrysler dealers would undoubtedly knock a significant chunk off at the moment.

“Some manufacturers have got five to six months of unsold stock,” said Broadspeed director Simon Empson. “The motor trade is beyond desperate - it's in crisis.”

Import operations like Dodge in the UK have brought in large numbers of new cars that they are now struggling to sell.

AA spoksperson Vanessa Guyl described the offer as “almost unbelievable. Many within the industry will react with shock at this. There is no doubt the problems in the car market are severe and this shows that dealers are now being forced to offer extraordinary deals".

“Dealers have a lot of stock they cannot shift and clearly they are now prepared to do so at a loss.”

Will Powell

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7 November 2008

I think it would have to be more like 'buy one, get two free' before I was even vaguely tempted. Utter grotbox.

7 November 2008

I'm currently looking at a 2.0 SXT on a 2 year lease (3+23) at £188 inc vat. Staggering deal- same price as a Fiesta base model for 3 years! Amazing deal- and it includes road tax for the two years, leather, cruise and sat-nav. It's available with a certain Chinese Geordie leasing specialist.

I don't care if it's a 'grotbox' to be honest. I'm not going to try to convince anyone that this car has any merit over any other- I know that it doesn't. However, the (subjective) difference between this and a 407/Laguna/whatever, in driving enjoyment terms, is so marginal in the real world that it's basically irrelevant unless you live on Nürburgring of course. I don't. Plastic bits will probably fall off and the leather is pretty much second-rate, but who cares when you can legitimately give it back after two years?

This bogoff deal with Broadspeed marks a breathtaking low for new car sales doesn't it? They're literally having to give them away. Blimey. Obviously it means that they'll be virtually worthless in a couple of years time but there probably won't be any such thing as Dodge by then anyway.

7 November 2008

[quote kerrecoe]

. Obviously it means that they'll be virtually worthless in a couple of years time

They're not called Dodge for nothing ;-)

7 November 2008

No, if it were buy one get 18,254 free, then I would consider it.

7 November 2008

As dr zoidberg in futurama says:

I'll have 8. At last im becoming a crafty consumer.

You will have to have watched futurama to get this one.

7 November 2008

I think this reflects what a dire car the Avenger is

8 November 2008

Was this only a limited offer? I've just been on to the Broadspeed web site and the price quoted is £12,787 for that model, and I certainly can't see any buy one get one free offers?



It's all about the twisties........

8 November 2008

should be buy none get one free.... Even thenm it would be a difficult decision... Think of the effort... Going to pick it up, it littering your drive for months until you 'd be able to e-bay it for £3.60...

Not worth it, I d rather do the french wine offer at sainsburys at the moment.... 50% off any bottle of french wine....

8 November 2008

The reason you probably wont see that offer any more is because there were two dealerships responsible for the 'buy one get one free' offer on the Nitro and the Avenger and they went ahead with it without the consent from Chrystler/Dodge.

Therefore the bosses and MD's of the company took away the £8k support they were giving dealers on each car they sold.

Now the dealers are going to find sales very hard indeed unfortunately. My own feelings are that they were entitled to do it however the problem was that it really did cheapen the brand.


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