Currently reading: Bugatti Galibier axed in favour of new Veyron
Successor to the Bugatti Veyron in development after four-door Galibier saloon and 1500bhp 'Super Veyron' projects were canned

The Bugatti Galibier project has officially been axed, with the firm instead planning to launch a direct successor to the Veyron, Volkswagen Group chief Martin Winterkorn has confirmed.

“The Galibier is officially dead,” Winterkorn confirmed to Autocar. “We won’t do it. In its place will be a second-generation Veyron with more power.”

Winterkorn, speaking at the launch of the Mk7 VW Golf R, did not mention any other details about the new Veyron or hint at a launch date.

A proposed ‘Super Veyron’, an ultimate performance version of the current car intended as a run-out model, has also been ruled out by Winterkorn. That model would have had more than 1500bhp and a 280mph plus top speed.

The Galibier saloon concept was first revealed in 2009, with the model pegged to become a new flagship for the brand. Development of the Galibier was slow, however, and any launch date pushed back to at least 2015/2016 when Bugatti officials last spoke of it.

The Galibier was originally said to have an asking price of £900,000, with power coming from a W16 engine derived from the Veyron. As much as 800bhp was tipped to be available on some models of the four-wheel drive super-saloon.

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LauraSHayes 4 February 2014

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fadyady 3 February 2014

Dsirable as Duesenberg?

That Bugatti saloon looks as sleek, posh and desirable in the first picture as the classic cars. I almost fell out of my chair. Never mind the half a million horse power though. But the rear ruins it all. Looks like Bugatti designers ran out of ideas and ended up grafting Panamera's rear.
Bobstardeluxe 3 February 2014

Enough already..

...seriously does anybody really want a 2000 bhp rocket ship, that weighs more than 2 Sclass's . Cost more than a 6 bedroom house with a pool in the suburbs..

Sure it a feat of engineering but as some one else said porsche, mclaren , mercedes, Ferrari etc are all producing sports cars that are phenomenal too... yet are 1/4 of the price, wont need an oil tanker following them and unless you own an oval race track will never be able to get to the 300 mph top seed ever!

Really I though VAG/Bugatti used the veyron to bring brand awarness to the world.. it done a great job and put them back on the map.. Now they really need to produce super luxury, with high performance and super tech vehicles at a price point slightly above a Rolls Royce....and finally turn a profit.. or have VAG been lying all along and actually they are making a tidy profit form the Veyron!