Currently reading: British firm unveils plug-in hybrid
UK-developed eco car emits just 50g/km of CO2

A new UK car manufacturer has rolled out a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. The car, built by Axon Automotive, can run on full electric mode in the city and uses a petrol or bioethonol combustion engine for long journeys.

A CO2 figure of 50g/km has been achieved, helped by the use of lightweight materials and a slippery shape.“By designing light cars and giving them good aerodynamics you can radically lower vehicle emissions,” said Axon’s managing director, Dr Steve Cousins.

“As a plug-in hybrid, we have no limitation on range but we can maximise the benefits of electrics day to day without the cost and weight of large batteries,” he added.

Inside, the car uses recycled jeans for its seating and door panels made from recycled carbonfibre.

Axon says the first cars will be on sale in 2011 with full production scheduled to begin in 2012.

The manufacturing roll-out will be via small factories in UK and Ireland, and continental Europe including Spain, France, Denmark, and Holland.

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theonlydt 27 October 2009

Re: British firm unveils plug-in hybrid

Makes me think of the original Honda Insight - just with a squashed back-end! It's something I shouldn't admit to, but I've always loved faired in wheels at the back...

It does worry me when a car manufacturer that wants to be taken seriously comes up with "seats made from recycled jeans" as a major feature. A car should be a car first and foremost: what is the suspension set up, fuel economy, speed, cost etc etc. Then tell us that the seats are recylced fabric and actually show a picture so people realise that it's ok to re-use materials, you're not going to start itching and have flea bites from sitting on it! By majoring on "environmental credentials" that have little public perception and do not save the consumer money (unlike fuel economy) you only appeal to the hippy crowd, not the mainstream.