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Brabus tweaks the uprated E-class

Mercedes has been at work on its million-selling E-class saloon - and it hasn't taken German tuning firm Brabus long to follow suit with its own modifications for the new model.

Following the age-old rule of there being no replacement for displacement, Brabus' take on the 350 engine is to enlarge it to 4.0-litres. Power climbs from 268bhp to 327bhp and torque from 259lb ft to 309.

Mercedes' modifications to the E500 saw its power increase by 26 per cent. Not content with that, Brabus have the power up from 382bhp to 455bhp and the torque up to from 390lb ft to a sizeable 453lb ft.

Brabus helpfully remove the speed limiter, taking the E500 on to 189mph.

Brabus will also go to work on diesel E-classes. By the time they have finished with the E320 CDI it will reach 62mph in 6.5secs.

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