Focused Boxster will be a last hoorah for current range
17 September 2009

Porsche is to revive the iconic Speedster shape as a send-off for the current Boxster range. The limited run of keen-edged Boxsters nod towards the 356 Speedster and 550 Spyder of the 1950s, which were the inspiration for the original Boxster concept.

As our spy pics show, the Boxster’s front splitter has a sharper rake and the rear camouflage hides bulbous Speedster bumps.

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The windscreen should be much lower on Speedster models, but it is difficult to see the difference on the Boxster, indicating the standard screen could be used for practicality and to save money.

Weight-saving should feature throughout the Speedster to enhance performance, so expect a stripped-out interior with lighter materials.

In a further link with the past, new Fuchs-style alloys, as seen on the 911 Sport Classic, could find their way to the Boxster Speedster. The roof is expected to be a simplified version of the standard item. Power comes from the established 3.4-litre flat six, with minor tweaks adding a few extra horsepower.

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Our Verdict

Porsche Boxster

Does bigger mean better for Porsche’s third-generation Boxster soft-top sports car, and which of its variants has the edge over the others?

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17 September 2009

Well, woopee-doo...

New wheels and a 'simplified' roof do not a Speedster make.

'Money' and 'Old rope' are the things that spring to mind here... Still, good to see Porsche staying true to form

Take no notice... I'm only here for the biscuits

17 September 2009

The whole point of all of the original Speedsters, even the last of the air cooled 911's was the lower line of the roof and screen. If this model isn't going to get these then it begs the question, why call it a Speedster???

I'm not a fan of the current Porsche trend for pillaging their back catalogue for names. Even the Carrera Classic is contrived.



It's all about the twisties........

18 September 2009

Why not call it the Speedster? Its as good a name as any. What would you call it, The thingummy? lolol

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