Official pictures of the new BMW 7-Series have leaked ahead of schedule
3 July 2008

These are official pictures of the new BMW 7-Series, which have been leaked ahead of the official release date tomorrow.BMW’s flagship luxury saloon has grown in both height and length, with the standard car now measuring 5.1 metres from front to rear. The update looks are designed to hide the car’s bulk, while lightweight aluminium body panels keep the weight down.It’s also clear that BMW has toned down the controversial styling of the previous generation 7-Series, a car that divided opinions throughout its lifetime. Now a more streamlined look has been adopted, with the new front and rear light treatment marking a new direction for BMW.We know that a new eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox will be used in the 7-Series, and that it will also include plenty of green technology, including the company’s CO2-cutting ‘Efficient Dynamics’ system. It will also feature an innovate in-car internet system that BMW has been developing.The new BMW 7-series will receive its international debut at this year’s Paris motor show, with sales beginning in mid-November.

Vicky Parrott

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BMW 7 Series

Technology-laden BMW 7 Series looks better than its predecessors, but is ultimately disappointing

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3 July 2008

I reckon the current model is ugly as hell, but it looks distinctive. Though i'll reserve judgement until i see it in the flesh the new model looks a bit dull, almost bland with the exception of the striking front end. As for the interior, it just seems a carry over from the current generation of BMWs.

Styling apart, the most important thing for BMW is whether they finally have a luxury car that is not only better than an A8 and XJ6, but also the S-Class. BMW may always pip Merc for mid-size cars but when it comes to the luxury class the 7-Series has always come well short of its arch-rival. As far as i can recall the 7 has only been top of the tree once in its 31yr history with the updated '1998' version of the E38 - and that was only for a few months until the mighty W220 S-Class came along.

Can BMW buck the trend?!

3 July 2008

Very disappointed with BMW for that, the rear looks great, the side looks like the old car, and the front, looks like something they hacked together from bits around the factory, and what was left over from the odd concept car.

I desparately wanted BMW to pull the stops out and delivery a stunning car to look at! How many deligates who get chauffered around in these care what its like on the track.

BMW seem to have nailed the design of the rears of cars, look at the X6, X5, 3 Coupe, 5, even the 1 coupe, then look at the front of a car like the 1 Coupe. It makes me want to vomit. I even struggled to tell the difference between the coupe and boggo 118i 3 door hatch.

Come on BMW, its already looking for a mid life facelift!

3 July 2008

I agree with another reader here, this car is so dull it already looks in need of a facelift. Sorry BMW but the S-Class is still the daddy.

4 July 2008

Well its much better than the current heap! Front is very squared off like that concept car they previewed recently. The overall lines are pleasant though. The rear looks well but strangely looks like a mix (to my eyes at least) of 3 cars:

1. The old BMW 8 series

2. The new citroen c5

3. The lexus LS series

The S class is and always has been the daddy of the executive class....

4 July 2008

To be fair, it looks more understated than the current 7 series, which is a good thing. The interior is an improvement too. So far, so good.

Though I believe the car will have to undercut he S class ( And Lexus LS) on price to compete with it. BMW have alot ground to recover in the large car area.

4 July 2008

Have you seen how cheap a 2nd hand current version is though ? Really cheap and notwithstanding the looks I bet its really satisfying to drive. The electronics on all these cars would worry me though.

4 July 2008

I like the interior, but the outside reminds me of a LS Lexus. The latest Maserati Quattroprte is my favourite looking executive saloon. The S class interior is just bland.

4 July 2008

I like the lights front and rear, but the overall design still seems a bit untidy - at the front in particular. The interior is an improvement, but it's still too similar to the old 7-Series, and those rather dated-looking dials are looking dreadful. But I prefer it to the current model.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

4 July 2008

I do agree with u completly u hit the nail on the head coz i do agree BMW does compact and exec cars better than anyone but not luxury... I dont like the rear lights styling, but then again the S class also looked horrid in the first photos that were leaked so u never know

4 July 2008

I think this is a BMW that will certainly look better in the metal than it does in these pics.

This one is elegant and the only negative comment I have is that it appears longer than it needs to be. The standard wheelbase version (the dark blue one) looks almost well-proportioned if still a little bit too long. 5.1 meters? Wow! Who needs the L version?

I have owned a couple of 7-series and yes, the main worries I had were all electrical or electronic, if it makes a difference.

However, as far as big sedans go, the 7-series is still one of the most satisfying to drive fast through mountain switchbacks, never feeling as large as the dimensions suggest. Looks like I am getting tempted back .......... can the iDrive and run-flats be deleted as an option?


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