Currently reading: Bentley considers smaller SUV to follow 2016 Bentayga
Bentley's first ever SUV will be revealed this year, but bosses are already gauging interest in a second, smaller SUV model
Steve Cropley Autocar
2 mins read
29 April 2015

Bentley engineering boss Rolf Frech has confirmed that a smaller SUV than the upcoming Bentayga remains “a possibility”.

The prospect is attractive to Bentley not just because of the sales potential, but also because Volkswagen’s new MSB architecture that will underpin both the new Continental GT coupé and Speed 6 sports car is easily adaptable to the format.

However, Frech emphasised that no decision has been made yet and, even if it were, it might result “in a different kind of car”. It is not clear what he was alluding to, but a crossover SUV in a similar vein to the wildly successful BMW X6 is a clear possibility.

Company chairman and CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer has already revealed his enthusiasm for the SUV market, which he said is "expanding three times faster than the market as a whole".

Previous predictions of annual sales of 3000 for the full-size Bentayga SUV "could be conservative" said Dürheimer, who is working towards building 20,000 cars a year at Crewe by 2020. The company says it already has 4000 serious "expressions of interest" in the big SUV, which is yet to be seen by customers.

To reach its aggressive production targets, Bentley will spend £280m this year on building a new R&D centre, across the road from its traditional Pyms Lane site, and add 300 new jobs to its workforce, making 1300 in all. By 2016 total expenditure to ensure that capacity at Crewe "is no longer an issue" will amount to £840 million, Dürheimer said.

Talking of the potential for a smaller SUV, Dürheimer admitted that "there are other SUVs on the market that show the potential in that area. This derivative is definitely one of the ideas we have, but our store of ideas gets bigger and bigger."

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7 January 2015
A Bentley rival for the Nissan Juke perhaps?

8 January 2015
that resembles the 'rivalry' - Bentley Joke or Bentley Puke?

7 January 2015
...or maybe a Bentley bodied VW or Audi.

7 January 2015
That's ugly.

7 January 2015

7 January 2015
Bentley going mainstream and ordinary will allow some brave soul to (or consortium of souls given the start up costs) the chance to fill the void and create a truly limited-production marque for the 21st century. With the myriad of powertrain options to use (petrol, hybrid, electric or hydrogen) they could make a truly spectacular, expensive, tasteful and exclusive vehicle to suit any client's desire within limits. I know this is a very expensive business but there has to be a way to bring such types of manufacturers back who don't chase the dollar but do earn a profit from their toils.

7 January 2015
How's that going to work, and who on earth is the customer?


8 January 2015
I'm sorry, but when will the madness stop! Bentley, like R&R, are suppose to be small on purpose and KEEPING the themselves unattainable to the masses. OK I get them having two bread and butter sedan lines with coupe versions of those products, and with Bentley being the sportier of the two, their having more powerful versions of those vehicles with near super car street cred. I also get, with SUV's on the increase and Land Rover's Range Rover being called by mean through out Europe as the R&R of SUV's and there being so much growing demand in expensive vehicles where the terain would be a Challenge for a sedan and/or sports car, that both Bentley and Royals Royce would have an interest in such a full size vehicle. But a smaller, less expensive one too!! Add to this is the talk of a THIRD car line below the continental and Silver Spur and I just don't understand why Bentley is chasing sales like this. I mean if there is ever a name plate that needs to widen their product offerings and crank out more vehicles within the VW empire is Bugatti! Couldn't they engineer the next Veyron to serve as their halo car and then offer less expensive sedan and coupe to compete with a phantom and its coupe sibling? If Bentley keeps making less expensive car they WILL sale more vehicles, but is that what they and the marketplace really need?!?!?

8 January 2015
Will someone explain how plug in hybrids can be monitored to see if they are on electric or petrol power while in the zero emission zone. What's keeping the driver from abusing this when low on power, entering the zone and ending up on petrol power.
It seems all the luxury makes including Bentley are touting this feature just to stay viable for city centre use when surely only pure electrics should be the choice.

9 January 2015
Audinary Q5 re-skin, then. Impressive, I'm sure. yawn.


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