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City car concept shows future for urban motoring; 3cyl Ecoboost engine will make it into next Focus

These are the first pictures of the Ford Start concept, which has been unveiled at the Beijing motor show.

Don’t read too much into the styling of this neat Ford supermini; called Start, it isn’t a preview of the next Ka but instead is designed to showcase the idea of a global city car. It also acts as a demonstrator for Ford’s Ecoboost engine technology, and is fitted with a new 1.0-litre, three-cylinder engine.

Claimed to have power and torque outputs comparable to a 1.6-litre four with CO2 emissions of below 100g/km, it’s a preview of a new three-cylinder engine due to be launched in the next Focus. The engine will also find its way into the Fiesta next year.

Designed at Ford’s California studio, the Start was created under the direction of Freeman Thomas, responsible for the recent Lincolns that have clearly influenced the new concept.

The car’s exterior styling includes flush-mounted detailing to cut drag as much as possible, while the roof panel unclips to create a targa-style open-top car.

Inside, the Start uses rubber floor mats with aluminium trim on the dash and door pillars.

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JordanB2710 23 April 2010

Re: Ford Start concept revealed

This should have been the Ka and if it was it would leave the 500 for dust in the design stakes. I think the other Fords minus the current Focus are cool and you can see the kinetic design in this as well.

noluddite 23 April 2010

Re: Ford Start concept revealed

Autocar wrote:
Don’t read too much into the styling of this neat Ford supermini
So what's the big news? A three cylinder engine. Wow, never seen one of those before. Truly groundbreaking stuff. At least if it's a global car it will help to bring down Ford prices, just as their other world cars have done...

beachland2 23 April 2010

Re: Ford Start concept revealed

i just read it comes with a 6 speed manual gearbox, which is nice for such a small engined car. I was surprised to see a 6 speed in the 1.3 yaris, but i suppose this new 1.0 has perhaps even more power or at least the same being turbo'd.