Steve Sutcliffe is among the first to drive the hottest new car of the year
30 November 2007

If you’re a fan of the fastest Japanese performance cars on the market, today is a red letter day – and it’s been six years in the making. At the Toyko motor show of 2001, Nissan took the covers off its first GT-R concept. This week, Autocar’s Steve Sutcliffe became one of the first journalists in the world to drive the finished GT-R road car. And you can read his exclusive first drive by clicking here.“This is one of the fastest, most complex road cars money can buy,” said Steve. “It’s a monumentally rapid machine in a straight line, but it’s also a refined, comfortable companion on a long journey. More like the world’s hairiest GT car, rather than an out-and-out road racer.”Has Nissan made the car that will finally bury the Porsche 911 Turbo? Click here to find out

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Nissan GT-R

The Nissan GT-R is not a cheap car, but it’s better value for money than cars that are seemingly as fast

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2 December 2007

The article demonstrates how overpriced German cars are. They have built up a good record by building quality high performance cars and are using that reputation to price their cars for high profits. The businesses that build these cars are, as a result, highly profitable but profit is money from customers and if Porsche make huge profits this suggests that their products are possibly overpriced. I am not against a company making profit but if Nissan can make this car for sale at 60k then the Porsche is beginning to look like a rip off. Of course the Porsche will remain the choice of the image conscious who have sufficient funds to not care but for those who want a high quality performance car and have limited funds (though they clearly have rather more than the average Focus buyer) this car is looking the one to go for.

3 December 2007

Nissan every time for me over the Porsche. Better looking, more practical, better priced, exclusivity, and the badge means nothing.

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