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Audi shows off ultra-fast in-car broadband connection in its new A8

Audi has launched a technologically advanced prototype version of its long-wheelbase A8 to showcase the future of in-car broadband technology.

The A8 L is equipped with ‘long-term evolution’ (LTE) broadband technology that offers download speeds of up to 100Mbps. Current in-car 3G connections only allow for download speeds of around 14.4Mbps.

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LTE is 4G technology that is much faster than traditional GSM and UMTS connections that underpin 3G connections, and also has extra bandwith to allow for more devices to be connected at once without a drop in speed, even at peak times. This will allow passengers in the A8 to stream music, hi-definition videos and other data on up to six devices.

Previous UMTS internet set-ups in the A8 have not dropped connection even when travelling at 125mph, although how fast you have to be travelling before the LTE connection would drop has not been revealed.

Audi, which has worked with communications firm Alcatel-Lucent on developing in-car LTE, has said it is “now getting automotive LTE technology ready for series production”.

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